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    What Moro looked like Artwork by Nicaroni 2009

    Do you remember old kids’ tv shows? I loved them! I would always stay up late at night to watch Spongebob Squarepants and Rugrats. One time, I was watching Nickelodeon and a show called The Moro show appeared. I was confused because I never heard of this show. Nickelodeon usually announces shows before they air them. I decided to watch it to see what it was all about. When it started I was introduced to a theme song with these lyrics. "Welcome to the Moro show I hope you have a fun time(x10)" After the theme song I was introduced  to a character Called Moro. He had green arms black eyes and red hands and the rest of his skin was blue. I was disturbed by his appearance. He said "Hello everyone welcome to The Moro show." The CGI was terrible it looked like a 1st grader did it. He then said "do you like movies kids?" I nodded. Then he said "well kids there’s a secret about movies that you never knew." I wanted to know. He then said "the characters in your movies have all lived before therefore they have all died." I was confused at how Nickelodeon would allow this and why Nickelodeon would purposely crush kids dreams. He then shifted the topic to how one day we will all die. At this point I tried to change the channel but a text on the tv said you are not available to change the channel due to an unknown issue. Then the door opened and the tv immediately changed the channel to Disney channel. My mom was the one that opened the door she said "go to sleep' it's late" and closed the door. I never saw that show ever again.
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    • I would advise splitting up the huge chunk of writing into smaller, fragmented paragraphs. It looks more appealing and generally helps the flow of the pasta. Also, ditch the drawing of Moro. It's really cheap and tacky and looks like a 6 year-old drew it for their parents to stick up on the fridge.

      In terms of the plot...well there isn't really much of a plot here. It's a pretty run-of-the-mill 'lost episode' pasta. I've never been very fond of the genre myself, but in order to make a good pasta out of this topic, you need to make it stand out somehow. This really has nothing that makes it unlike every other lost episode pasta out there. It follows the standard template of a character watching TV, only to find a weird/distorted episode of some show that gives them the creeps and once viewed, is never found again.

      Basically, if you want to make this pasta stand out, you need to think outside the box somehow.

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    • Lol I can relate my drawing is horrible.

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    • Nicaroni 2009 wrote:
      Lol I can relate my drawing is horrible.

      I would advise using the workshop to leave feedback on posts. That being said, the original poster hasn't replied in quite some time so theres no point in responding to this in particular. 

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