I am posting about this here so I can know what you think about this.Should the MCCW be closed?

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    • I am ambivalent either way given that the main site has enough cleaning and straightening to do on a daily basis. You could probably turn it around by actually make the site about the content and not the people.

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    • I'll post my thoughts here rather than on the MCW thread so as not to step on people's toes over there.

      Honestly, people who aren't part of the MCW have always been confused as to why anyone decided to found a wiki specifically for creepypastas about Minecraft. Same thing with RCW. I can sort of understand a wiki for general fanfiction about these games, but creepypasta is just too specific. The existence of the satellite wiki for Minecraft trollpastas is even more bizarre.

      I don't see the point in keeping the wiki open as the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki, but you could potentially salvage the wiki by repurposing and rebranding it as a general creepypasta wiki for inexperienced creepypasta writers.

      A lot of users in Fandom complain that our standards on CPW are too high and look for alternatives, but there aren't a lot of viable ones out there, at least not on Fandom. So, you could promote your wiki as a place where all levels of writing experience are welcome and get rid of the Minecraft specific name.

      (I'm aware of Creepypasta Files Wiki, but the total lack of any rules or standards there and the fact that it's mainly a place for OCs makes it not a very good alternative to CPW.)

      Beyond that, I've noticed several issues with MCW besides just the drama:

      1. You have too many staff.

      MCW has 19 sysops total. For perspective, we run everything here with just six, and our wiki is a lot bigger.

      MCW has seven bureaucrats, which is way overkill for a wiki of your size. Even the largest wikis on Fandom (>100 thousand pages) only need 3-4 b-crats at most. There's absolutely no reason for a wiki of MCW's size to have more than three, and even that's pushing it.

      My suggestion: Demote all but the most active staff, promote Popstar to bureaucrat since she seems to be one of the few who knows what she is doing, limit the bureaucrats to her and a couple others, and drop the Content Moderator role entirely.

      2. The custom staff signatures are stupid.

      If you want to raise the level of staff professionalism, you could start by requiring that their names at least be legible. I'd say get rid of the custom name CSS entirely, but at a minimum you should at least be able to read their names without hovering your cursor over them.

      Get rid of all the stupid "Stronk Moderator" and other confusing staff tags too. They make it impossible for someone who hasn't been around on the wiki to tell who outranks whom.

      3. You all seriously need to do something about underage users.

      It's an open secret that MCW, RCW, and Creepypasta Files Wiki have a lot of underage kids and this is unofficially tolerated by many staff members. On RCW, I told the admins that one of their content moderators was 11, and they demoted him but refused to ban him.

      The last thing you need is for some 10 year old to do something stupid in real life and have the fallout come back to the wiki. Take it from us, who had to deal with the fallout of the Slenderman stabbing despite the fact that the girls involved weren't even known to be users here.

      Take COPPA and Fandom's ToU seriously. It doesn't matter if an underage user is "basically as mature as a 13 year old" or "has their birthday in three months," anyone a day under 13 should not be welcome.

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