• I want to write some original stories for my Creepypasta OCs here but I don't know how to do that. My idea is that my Creepypasta OCs have their Creepypasta Files Wikia pages so that I can write everything about them there, including their detailed information. Please comment below if you can help. Thank you so much.

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    • They actually had to ban OCs from this site because of how poorly written they were, how many were posted on a daily basis, and because they were all just copies of Jeff the Killer. Because of this, the site's staff would have to be willing to majorly lower the standards to allow it.

      On top of that this site has a no Spinpasta policy, which most OCs stories feature popular Creepypasta characters.

      Besides, this is a site for stories. Having informational pages with no actual story wouldn't be a good thing.

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    • I'm sorry I'm a newcomer here. I don't know about that. I actually did think that I could create pages for my characters here. What a pity :(

      I write stories for my characters at Wattpad too and I swear I don't copy or take the inspiration from any other Creepypasta's stories. My English is not good so I can't translate my stories into English and publish them here yet.

      Anyway thank you so much for leaving such an useful comment!

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    • You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.

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    • @rustymidnight also maybe try posting the creepypastas youre working on that feature the OC's on the writers workshop. If theyre good by themselves maybe you could focus on the stories and if you post enough stories eventually seperate them into categories based on this character/ that character.

      But any story thats just focused on an oc whos edgy/ powerful usually ends up feeling kind of lacking.

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