• True Savagery- A Bootleg Spongebob Episode

    True Savagery is a bootleg Russian Spongebob Squarepants episode created by an unknown author, on the Vitzbrew.RU torrent site(the domain has been seized by the FBI, due to it having snuff films.)

    The episode contains several disturbing photos of murder and cannabalism. It is thought that this episode was created to illegally broadcast on Russian television.

    The episode begins with the title card, which is distorted. While the title card plays for about a minute, this dialouge(in russian) can be heard: Death to all other nations, let society learn true savagery, a new world reborn again!

    This episode begins where Squidward is sobbing the words "what is real". His legs are amputated and blood is gushing out. Patrick is standing behind him, injecting him with strange fluid. 3 images then flash, 1 with a heroin syringe, a decapitated man who looks to be around 20, and a pair of scissors.

    Mr. Krabs procceds to stab Squidward, and strangle him. Next, he runs to the Chum Bucket, with a machine gun. He opens fire, putting Karen on fire and electrocuting her. Mr. Krabs proceeds to stab Plankton in the eye, removing his organs and proceeding to eat them.

    Mr. Krabs cuts himself multiple times. It then cuts to an video of a man in a Plague Doctor mask, in his underwear, cutting himself, and rips out his left nipple. It then shows Spongebob with cuts and bruises on his face. Glass shards are stuck in his arms. He is screaming, "FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!!" very loudly. He proceeds to eat Squidwards meat off his bones and his organs, and sprayed his blood on his face.

    Next was Mr. Krabs. Spongebob injects him with Patrick's syringe. He shoots his face 5 times with a shotgun. Mr. Krabs shouts, "I am poison" before dying shortly after.

    Spongebob and Patrick leave the Krusty Krab, with weapons. The Chum Bucket is burning. A picture flashes of a burning body, and a man is in front of it holding the body's eyes. Spongebob and Patrick paint the anarchy symbol on Squidwards house, and go into Sandy's house.

    Sandy says, "I know what you did, and you won't get away with this". Spongebob and Patrick stare at the screen. Their eyes are just empty holes, and organs/blood are splattered on their face. Russian text appears on the screen: Do you know what happens next? Remember your training. 8/12/2011

    A loud screeching noises. Two images appear next to eachother for 30 seconds. A picture of a mutilated squirrel, and Sandy, naked, on the floor, covered in blood, with her organs all over her face.

    The two begin to eat Sandy, and laugh hysterically, for 5 seconds. They find Pearl outside Sandy's dome. Spongebob shoots and assaults her, and her eyeless corpse is on the ground. A picture of a naked man holding a picture of a whale shows.

    They run to Mrs. Puff's Boating School. She says, "Hello you two, are you okay? You look hurt." They begin to stab all of the students, while they cry in agony. Mrs. Puff puffs up in the corner, screeching, "FUCK!!!!" They turn to her, punch her 5 times and rip her apart with a machete. They proceed to eat her organs. Another video shows of a pufferfish being cut open and licked.

    Then, they decide to cause destruction in the town. They went to the city, got their machine guns and opened fire. Thousands of fish and other sea creatures were killed and suffering in agony as they slowly passed away. One of the fish(who is a mother), had a stroller with 3 babies. This is the darkest and goriest part of the entire episode. They begin to kill and eat the babies, and the mother. A video shows, of a mentally insane man eating 3 babies with a spoon, scooping their organs out and their blood. Their dead mother is next to them. He finds a fetus inside the pregnant mother, and eats the fetus and the mother's meat, and drinks her milk.

    The next scene shows Spongebob and Patrick staring at the screen. The entire Bikini Bottom town is burning. Corpses are behind them. Russian text shows on the screen:

    Kill all greed and corporations. Let us spread death and eat human flesh. No society, no rules. Learn true savagery.

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    • First of all, it is a "lost episode" pasta which have been blacklisted from the site entirely, so you wouldn't be able to post it here.

      The spelling has a few issues. You need to put spaces before the first parenthesis. The word "What" in "what is real" should be capitalized, and that dialogue should end with a question mark. You should also start a new paragraph whenever someone starts speaking.

      The story is filled to the brim with tropes: foreign languages, distortion, flashing images, pointless violence, characters acting strangely, empty sockets for eyes, etc.

      There is nothing creepy about this story, it is just a montage of violent things happening and the word "FUCK" appearing here and there.

      The overall story is lacking in rhyme and reason, which is needed since this episode isn't presented as a mystery.

      I'm also going to suggest that you spell out numbers, as it gives it a more professional look.

      My biggest advice is: violence and gore do not equal scary.

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    • Okay, well, first off this most likely falls under the “lost episode CreepyPasta” which is a blacklisted Subject.

      Second off, it’s not particularly scary. It reminds me of Sonic.exe in a sense where it’s trying really hard to be scary, but just... isn’t. It also feels like a bit of a ripoff “Squidward’s Suicide” where it’s like “oh no flashing pictures of death and dead people and stuff”

      Things just sort of happen, one after the other with no real connection to anything. I’m really trying not to be mean here but I do really feel like you could really benefit from reading some of the Writing Advice blogs. Especially the one about ambiguity.

      It’s just kind of a gorefest where people kill and more things happen and then it just goes on.

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    • On the one hand, I agree that it is a gory messed up pasta. That is what you were going for? Great; you have succeeded.

      Why did you write a gorefest, though? What was the end goal?

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    • This story is graphic and chilling, but it lacks context and order.

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    • I don't even think this deserves to be applauded for being gory, gore is a lot more nuanced than 'there was organs on their face' and 'they shot somebody and then cut them and then mutilated them'.

      There's no rhyme or reason to the events, there's barely any context or story, there's no nuance or subtlety to the horror. I'd honestly recommend binning this one, there are a lot better prompts you can do. And the most obvious, it's a Spinoff.

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    • I also just realized that their title and the entire page doesn’t mention anything about “can you please give me critique” or “tell me what you think”

      So it’s pretty likely that what we’re saying is falling on deaf ears

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    • Yeah this story is shit, i'm working on a different one

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    • Okay! Good for you! Improvement and reworking things is how you become a good writer.

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    • It's not a bad story, it just has some kinks.

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    • There is a new story I just finished working on, called "Be Nice To Your Clones". I'm going to upload it to Writers Workshop pretty soon.

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    • I'll be there to read it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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