• Hello users, It is currently 11:32 PM July 1st 2014, and I am writing this post, as I feel the need to, in a way of telling someone else what has happened. I am just doing this in hopes one of you believes my story and learns from my lessons. Today marks my sister’s 10th birthday, which is in my opinion, pretty ironic considering that the horrifyingly spine-chilling events decided to take place today of all days. I am here, under the sheets of a twin bed in this musty-smelling downstairs guest bedroom, attempting to be saved from this biting AC directly blowing at me while writing on this laptop. My sister, Kendra is upstairs with my parents and grandparents, who generously decided to host my family for the week in their two-story home here in Key West, Florida. We have been visiting every summer since I was born, so this place once brought familiarity, happiness, and safety, but after this, will never give me a feeling of security anymore. 

    Let me break down what has occured on this “vacation” so far. After landing at the Key West International Airport,  we walked out of the plane and were immediately greeted by sweltering heat from the blazing Florida sun, something we are not at all used to in Portland Oregon, our hometown. My grandparents rescued us in their air conditioned car where they said they had a surprise awaiting our arrival to their house for my sister’s birthday. I was quite curious considering we usually do the same activities on our regular summer trips to Key West; go to the beach, explore the Fort Zachary Taylor Historic Park, go out to eat downtown. Once we entered the house, I spotted a row of what looked like to be tickets sitting perfectly on the dining room table. I pointed to the tickets and followed my finger, running until I came face to face with these tickets. I picked up the thin piece of paper reading “East Martello Museum-Admit One”. I thought to myself “what in the world is this?” My grandparents’ surprise to us was really tickets to a boring museum? Little did I know, the idea of it being “boring” was the least of my soon-to-be worries. The ticket was for the next day, technically today, in the evening, 6:00PM. 

    This morning, I woke up around 10:00PM and had a gut-wrenching feeling I couldn't explain. It lasted all day long and I felt so off about something, but I couldn't put a finger on it. I pretty much laid in bed all day long because I felt “under the weather” but it was as though something had control of my body and was dragging me down in a way. I was still curious about this East Martello Museum and knew for certain I would go this evening. The only thing I really remember from today was my sister opening one of her presents, an Apple iPod touch. She was so excited when she unwrapped the sleek white box and she spent all day setting it up and personalizing her new toy. Playing with it the whole way to the museum, she was planning on snapping many pictures of the exhibits and attractions. 

    'Walking into the museum, the first stop was to the customer service help desk to get the list of tours and times. The woman at the desk mentioned the famous “Ghosts and Gravestones” tour, which had a trolly leaving in 15 minutes. As my mother was in the middle of insisting '“Kendra is too young for that…” , my sister goes, “Can we please do that one?” in a very desperate and pleading tone. This request took all of us by surprise because Kendra has always been one to get easily scared by even the thought of monsters and horror figures, but my parents hesitantly agreed to it because it is her birthday. After waiting for it to arrive, we boarded the trolley, which was a black vehicle with windows surrounding the exterior. 

    'Even I felt a bit spooked considering it was pitch black outside at this point, but was intrigued by what the tour will bring. Accompanied by a tour guide’s voice projected through a microphone, we passed by a few “haunted” artifacts before we reached what was in my opinion, to be the main attraction. The trolley approached a square glass case sheltering a straw-stuffed doll wearing a white sailor uniform and holding a strange stuffed animal. It was so still, perched up to sit on a wooden chair. The whole doll looked as if it was at least 100 years old, covered in dust and mysterious slashes and punctures. The only aspect that seemed “alive” were the shiny pitch black glass eyes sewn into the doll’s skull. I was immediately showered with chills at the sight of the doll, confused why it had so much more of an effect on me than the other haunted artifacts on the tour. As I focused on the doll’s blank, yet compelling eyes, I overheard the tour guide explain, “This is Robert the Doll, who was given to 10-year old boy, Robert Eugene Otto in the 1900’s, who was haunted and tormented by the doll’s possessed acts of torture. Many have explained to have heard evil giggles, caught the doll spying on them, and even being violently attacked in their attics by the doll. The story was posted to a website called CreepyPasta Wiki in 2011, where comments have been posted since then, of users who claim to have been under the haunting of Robert as well.”  This is what led me here, telling you all about my personal story 'with Robert.  As all this was being said, it appeared as though Robert was staring directly in my eyes and I was in an almost hypnotic state. The longer I stared, the more the doll’s stitched lips rode up it’s cheeks to form a subtle smile. I didn’t ever expect my eyes to “deceive” me like this, or so I thought. Once I released myself from this unordinary state, I swiveled my head to my right to see my sister snapping a photo of the doll with her brand new Ipod touch, let me reiterate, brand new. I was able to import the photo she took below, look at your own risk. I didn’t think twice about this until we got home. 

    Still a bit freaked out at my experience and sensations I had when we saw Robert in the glass case, I decided to lay in bed, where I am now, since it was also getting late. The next thing I know Kendra comes into the room complaining her Ipod touch is inoperable and just projects a black screen. She explains that none of the buttons on the exterior work and it keeps making weird sounds that resemble giggles. I took the phone from her, not allowing myself to even be open to the thought this was real. I put the phone up to my ear and heard a high-pitch muffled voice that sounded like whatever it was, was laughing in a very creepy tone. I threw the phone across the room and screamed in terror and shockingly, Kendra picked it up, looked at me, and said, “Hey what are you doing! I was trying to talk to my friend Robert”. I was in complete and utter shock, not knowing if I was being pranked or just in a nightmare. She takes the Ipod to the bathroom and not long after I hear her very distinct laugh through the bathroom cracks in the door. I needed to investigate, so I cautiously sneaked up to the door’s opening and overheard a conversation I will never unhear for the rest of my lifetime. As Kendra asked aloud “What’s wrong?”, a voice of a little boy quietly answers “If I turn your phone on, you delete that picture of me you took tonight and we can be friends again”. A few seconds later, Kendra exits the bathroom, holding her iPod in her hand, acting like nothing happened. I snatched it from her hand and effortlessly turn on the now-fixed iPod. My heart dropped into my stomach and I felt like I was going to throw up, still do. Kendra takes it back and runs upstairs to be with my parents again. As I am left downstairs by myself, it occured to me that it all the pieces of tonight clicked together. It was Robert the doll who made me feel strangely compelled and scarred as soon as I saw him, who got angry at my sister for taking his picture and disabled her phone to then threaten her to delete it and the one who’s evil spirit sent giggles and odd occurrences to us both.

    That leads us to the present. I am currently shaking in my bed typing out what has happened to my sister and I after seeing that doll. I feel empty inside and am unsure how to even process this. If this gets readers, which I hope it does for the overall well-being of the public, I want people to know this is a real-life matter. Please do not take this post lightly and take precaution. I am a real-life girl who has experienced a real-life haunting of a doll named Robert. I will never be the same and I hope and pray this doll refrains from traumatizing other families. 

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    • First off, fix the formatting. The all bolded and slanted text gives it an unpleasant look and makes paragraphs look like a wall of text.

      The plot itself has a few issues. The first half of it kind of drags on and doesn't really give us anything that would keep us interested in reading. Pretty much everyone knows about Robert the Doll, so this story really doesn't offer anything new or exciting. The main character overreacts a bit. Nothing actually creepy happens in this story. The main character's sister's phone just acts up, but besides that nothing threatening.

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    • Aside from this being not very horror-ish, it's almost comically self referncial (mentioning the wikia and all) and you'd have to go through a spin off appeal to even post this. 

      I say, get yourself a new haunted doll/toy/object motif and start all over, cause this isn't working. 

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    • For clarity, switch to SOURCE tab when copypasting your story. Remove the Bold tag (') and Italic tag () from your paragraphs.

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