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    • Glitches happen, or perhaps your story was stopped by the blacklist filter.

      Either way, please remember that the wiki is not the place to save story drafts, nor is it a word document editor. Pastebin and Microsoft Word are perfectly fine places to save your story before posting here, and if you are on mobile, Google Docs has an app.

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    • Or you can look over our site rules and realize that game-based stories now require a spinoff appeal and by trying to upload one, you were blocked by our filter (i.e. trying to post it 15 separate times will not result in the post making it through our filter).

      Another tip, I would refrain from writing your story in a single sitting on the web itself to prevent these types of issues. Finally, I would strongly recommend using the writer's workshop for your story as this has a lot of punctuation, capitalization,, awkward wording, missing words, and plot issues which would result in your story being deleted for failing to meet our quality standards if it were uploaded in its current form.

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