• Concept Intro

    This is a pasta about a murderous insane man with numerous psychic abilities. He torments people psychically and since he was born, he was able to write his diary through psychic ability. He was born on Pearl Harbor day and telepathically speaks to soldiers during WWII. As he grows into a child and a teen and an adult, he torments all the people in his life he dislikes, and favors others who please him. I want it to build up, and more information comes into the diary as he grows.

    Here I Am

    December 7th, 1942 Weeping I weep for you. I weep, I weep, I weep. Crying, I cry and weep. The tears stream down my face and I weep.

    December 8th, 1942 I leave here.

    December 9th, 1942 Will you find it?

    December 10th, 1942 I sleep.

    December 11th, 1942 I rest and I devour. Are you afraid? How worried are you.

    December 12th, 1942 Is the day coming? Go into the mind

    Caption: Here is the mind December 13th, 1942 Could it be all just happening? Why do you fear?

    December 14th, 1942 Do you think yourself so grand that you can finish strong?

    December 15th, 1942 Why do you worry oh people? Where does it come from? I see it. Don't I? Don't I?

    December 16th, 1942 Be patient people.

    December 17th, 1942 It is silent, but I'm watching.

    December 18th, 1942 Oh don't you know what will happen.

    December 19th, 1942 Be afraid, or is it necessary?

    December 20th, 1942 Must it really be this way? I don't know, you decide it

    December 21st, 1942 Can it go to or fro, or can it move? I don't think so.

    December 22nd, 1942 Rest...

    December 31st, 1942 It does begin then.

    I live evermore

    January 1st, 1943 Forever it will be.

    January 16th, 1943 Can you tell me the time Edmund? I don't think you know it. The time is near.

    January 20th, 1943 Don't you know what you're doing?

    January 25th, 1943 Will I take the day of reckoning. How will you find it?

    January 26, 1943 Is it 12:00?

    February 1st, 1943 I awake anew.

    February 9th, 1943 I sing with the choir of sweet delight.

    February 14th, 1943 How it goes, it goes and goes.

    February 16th, 1943 Do you fear, good ones? Where does it come from?

    February 18th, 1943 How tired I am

    February 28th, 1943 I want to be freed. When will it come? Just when? I expect it. I scream with expectation. Come quickly, now.

    February 30th, 1943 Patience, just have patience you thinkers. Wait, it is the time.

    March 12th, 1943 It's going to happen so soon.

    March 13th, 1943 It will be great

    March 14th, 1943 Oh it's going to make them so glad. Their faces will suffer with gleeful expressions. Don't worry good ones, it is going to end. But take heed of me. Take heed. Be warned.

    March 15th, 1943 I'm watching

    March 29th, 1943 It's a time of great gladness, what a time to not exist. How glorious a time that doesn't find the mind. Find it quickly Gerald.

    March 30th, 1943 Don't scream, it's an incessant dormancy on my ears. Quit it.

    April 1st, 1943 What a peaceful day. I love to play.

    April 16th, 1943 Will you give that to me? I don't have it. Take it, or doom will befall upon you. You see it? Now rend it in quarters. Do it, quickly now.

    April 17th, 1943 Finally clarity comes. I'm beginning to see.

    April 19th, 1943 Still so far, the distance calls yet I reach and no one answers me. Will you answer?

    April 30th, 1943 The time is coming, I need rest for it.

    May 22nd, 1943 It's not over, no it goes on. Well done now my good ones. How you've given me great gladness. Make me move my brothers and sisters. Be afraid, be so afraid. I come to you when the sun goes down. Oh when it goes down what happens then. You can see how excited I am now. Come to the mind. Go fast now.

    image = eye Caption: You don’t know what’s coming do you? May 31st, 1943 So much soft time. It makes me grin with wicked peace. Such peace.

    June 5th, 1943 Still just going along with him, just keep moving Charles. You won't regret it. Remember to smile.

    June 9th, 1943 Ask for it, then take it. Just take it. Make them smile.

    June 15th, 1943 Don't you enjoy it Stephen? Doesn't your brother Anthony like it too? I know you do. It's your own belief after all, isn't it?

    June 16th, 1943 Benjamin, Ben, Ben, Ben, don't you get tired? Why not go rest like I do. Take a nap good one.

    June 19th, 1943 The days tire you now don't they? I tried to tell you, but never did you listen. You never listen to me do you? What a pity, sad pitiable state you're in now. Just remember at least to stand up straight.

    June 21st, 1943 Take it for your own, it's yours.

    June 22nd, 1943 Well fellows, it isn't looking up for you is it? Don't fear though, it will look up. When you need it. Oh then you'll listen. Only when you need it eh? Just keep your nose up. Smell for the light. Trust me, you'll smell it.

    Caption: See now good ones? Quite a stench isn’t it? I told you. June 23rd, 1943 Just press on men, you heard the man.

    June 25th, 1943 It's almost bedtime my good ones. Don't fear the fear, just take it. It's yours to keep. Your splendorous spoils as you said. You really did that well didn't you?

    June 26th, 1943 Did I begin? Not just now. I still am beginning. What a great time this has been. Thank you oh you marvels.

    June 27th, 1943 It never ends does it?

    June 28th, 1943 Going soon.

    June 29th, 1943 Patience.

    June 30h, 1943 Here we go.

    July 4th, 1943 The intelligence of the sky is so, so accurate. Astounding, look at it. So amazing. It moves me.

    July 10th, 1943 I'm getting closer loyal good ones.

    July 11th, 1943 Clinton take your belongings.

    July 16th, 1943 Who said I was always there? Can you really know?

    July 18th, 1943 When will you realize it's up to us?

    July 19th, 1943 Only joking you benefits.

    July 21st, 1943 Every day I live, don't I live on? You know it.

    July 22nd, 1943 Dance my musical ones.

    July 24th, 1943 The choir grows all the day. Hear their beauty

    July 28th, 1943 Ever the more it moves.

    August 20th, 1943 I grow so tired my good ones. Go on without me, but for Janni's sake I'll go with him. Yes I chose him above you all, who are you to decide? Miscreants, insolent miscreants.

    August 21st, 1943 Go Voorhees, don't disappoint your father. If you did you'd never have that peace. That peace, oh the peace of it all. I know what you wish. It's granted for you.

    August 22nd, 1943 What a warm time it is musical ones. Don't bother my Charles. Don't you, what can you do high and mighties?

    August 30th, 1943 Edmund, oh stupid Edmund, Eddie, Eddie, can't you see it now? Take it, don't wait any longer. If you don't who knows what will happen Eddie? Don't be Epicurean.

    August 31st, 1943 Wait Janni, just wait you dog. Oh it's good.

    September 12th, 1943

    It's so close, what a journey it was my good ones. Just keep going, you know what's going to happen. Especially Gerald.

    September 22nd, 1943

    Oh, don't discount Doris's influence in this you bracken foes. Be careful or you may find yourself without my influence some day. Please don't engorge me at this time. Don't you realize how fragile it is? Don't step on the glass!

    September 23rd, 1943 Doris, Doris, you know. You know exactly what's going on. The cold breathes giddily on you Doris. Don't give up your weeping.

    September 25th, 1943 Oh weep, weep, how I weep for you evil ones. My pity towards you is great, but I turn my face from you. Oh I turn it. I'll make you so glad.

    September 27th, 1943 That's it Charles, you glad one. Give it over to James, give it to him fast, the cheerful guy. Oh James is going to be just fine.

    October 3rd, 1943 Just let me sleep all of you, take it now.

    October 31st, 1943 Oh that light, that fantastic glorious light. I'm looking at it now. Oh where I'm looking, don't you look for now. It's not the time. It isn't 12:00 good ones. Edmund you can't tell me what to do. If you do it won't be time for cheer any longer. Don't drain your cheer Eddie. No, it isn't good. Watch yourselves all of you, just watch it. See how I come to you now in the thicket and the field? Watch now for the time is coming. Don't be frigthened. It will all turn out exactly how you're wishing. Just keep on wishing on those pointed stars good ones. Wish and wish all you like and much cheer and wine will be provided for you, oh the wine. The wine is good fellows. Trust me when I tell you it's so delectable. Press toward that light. Don't ever lose sight of it or I'll wreck your everything you miscreants. Don't disobey. Find the light or you're not going to find anything anymore. Think with your minds, you intelligent fellows. Just follow me. The time is near! So near! It's coming men, the man said it was coming. Still, you have to persevere, but follow me. I am watching. Now I rest.

    Caption: Such dreams await you November 20th, 1943 Stress and duress. You press me so long. I don't care about your songs.

    November 22nd, 1943 Don't agitate me foes.

    November 30th, 1943 For Janni's sake, I continue with you. Watch yourself Homer.

    December 1st, 1943 Oh does it come. It comes so quickly fellows. How long I'm staying with you.

    December 2nd, 1943 It's coming soon my good ones. Don't be glum. Be glad, so glad.

    December 3rd, 1943 I'm watching you closely.

    December 4th, 1943 Don't make me angry!

    December 5th, 1943 It grows and grows, doesn't it? Watch it fast, and listen. Listen to the taste of blood and bones.

    December 6th, 1943 Harvey, is it yours? No, now give it back to Stephen. Now! Don't tire me anymore Harvey.

    December 7th, 1943 It burns. Oh delight how it burns. The great fire of fire. What a light it is fellows. I'll come to you so much more now. I know the time is growing slow, but it's been a journey, oh what a journey too! I'll be coming quicker now as it burns. Watch the fire. Oh that fire. You can tell it's coming quicker can't you? Just keep on with it fellows. I'm watching.

    December 15th, 1943 I will rest now. But watch for me Gerald.

    December 31st, 1943 Doris, Doris, don't be afraid. For you don't know just what's going to take place do you. Don't you see how my speech grows each and every morning? I'm growing Doris. Keep on best one. Keep just going on the path you chose. This exhausted me as I still haven't formed. Good night Doris. I'm nodding off.

    How much I grow now

    January 16th, 1944

    Don't ask for much anymore. I'm tired. Just persevere. Do it now.

    January 31st, 1944 I'm coming, just patience you thinkers.

    February 12th, 1944 Put it back Stephen! I never said you were favored.

    February 18th, 1944 The journey's growing my musical ones. Sing to me, sing me to sleep again.

    February 23rd, 1944 I'm growing weak Homer, what are you going to do about it? Can you figure it out? Use it Homer.

    February 25th, 1944 Incessant screaming. Why do you find it so? Charles turn it down.

    February 30th, 1944 Keep striving, for he who is a striver will find great delights in his mind. That's right, always move towards that mind good ones. Keep following me. Just go on your paths. No deviations.

    March 12th, 1944 We're getting through this aren't we? Don't be fearful now. Find glee in yourselves, just get it now. Follow it Gerald, stay on your path. Stay now. Just stay. It's waiting for you. You know it's waiting. Just be still.

    March 20th, 1944 Keep looking around for the light good ones. It finds you very opportune to be seeking right now. It's a seekers day.

    March 21st, 1944 You humor me Anthony, and tell Charles how great it is to seek. He needs to seek.

    March 25th, 1944 These things are growing in their pain. Watch them, she is watching.

    April 1st, 1944 If it isn't that day, oh keep going in your fun you men of brave gladness. Smile, always smile.

    April 21st, 1944 If you anger me your punishment will be multiplied by your own heart. Don't cut into the glass.

    April 27th, 1944 Must you always weary me? Did you seek yet Charles? Seek now. The time is coming.

    May 4th, 1944 12:00 my benefits. It hastens nearer, ever closer.

    May 9th, 1944 Harvey, eat the raid. The plunder is splendid.

                                                                           Caption: Your souls on life, noble men

    May 22nd, 1944 Oh but that time is coming. It's all coming to a point my good ones. Did I not say the light would come? Let that light move. Make me move and be careful you diamonds. Don't break the glass, and watch for the time! Close will that time be.

    May 23rd, 1944 Don't watch for it, just proceed.

    May 24th, 1944 Go on, and it goes on and on. On and on and swirling like the spiral of glee it really is. Stephen it must gladden yourself so fiercely and cruelly.

    May 25th, 1944 Mercy, oh mercy? What could that be choir? Does it sing to you, that mercy?

    May 26th, 1944 It's coming fellows. Stop asking about it

    May 27th, 1944 I told you that was enough! Watch it.

    May 28th, 1944 Watch it carefully. The doom will grow so widely now. Oh, it beckons you.

    May 29th, 1944 James, James hear me. Hear that groan inside. Hear the song of the choir singing. It should be a glorious song James. Don't be glum. Follow it for the flock flies fairy fast. Oh it flies James.

    May 30th, 1944 Begin.

    June 6th, 1944 Grow wind and rain, grow fire and flame. May it grow until all of you hear it wailing in the leaves upon the forests of light.

    June 7th, 1944 It's all yours for the taking now good ones. Take and steal at large. It's the medal on your jacket that you've worked so hard to get. Isn't the choir of your toil belting its song worth all the work? Oh you'll see better than this. What you'll see but follow me! Don't stray or it will all be taken from you. I will take it because I won't tolerate defeat in any way. Never foes.

    June 8th, 1944 Just bear with me sleeping now.

    July 4th, 1944 Continue as the lights go my fellows, brothers and sisters upon the sphere of existence. Just follow it and you'll never be unsatisfied in your most fullest desires that boil in your decaying, dry ideas and wishes. How glad they make me.

    July 10th, 1944 I smile at the wretched foins you made upon the merciless ones fellows. Be glad at your insanity! How wonderful it is to watch the draining wicked glee drip from your own hands, isn't it? Now be on the alert because I'm growing of course. But you knew that already. It wasn't far from you how simple I became did it? But oh won't you wonder when I'm completed good ones. Finish it.

    July 12th, 1944 Keep continuing in your paths you hounds. Homer keep your head up and don't fail, give it over to Harvey, he won't fail it yet. Keep in mind I said yet, to the impudent one. James just persevere, or it won't be good. Edmund, oh Edmund your laughing is a sad state of disappointment.

    July 17th, 1944 Janni keep moving. Just move me and watch out for it all.

    July 19th, 1944 Press forward Jan, don't move with Charlie or it'll be a disaster for you.

    July 20th, 1944 No questions Janni, don't make a fuss or it'll be an end of breath for you. It'll be as quick as a mosquito swatter.

    July 22nd, 1944 Make no mistake, the gladness of pain will find you Janni, just keep moving in the sweet heraldings of a worse fate for them yet. Oh exact your vengeance on them Jan. Don't miss a beat or there won't be any knighthood on your illegitimate sparse existence, worm.

    July 31st, 1944 Don't be disappointed Jan, they can't mess up your intentions.

    August 1st, 1944 Watch them Jan, watch the good ones. Pay attention and hearken to their screams. Don't listen to their pleas, keep at it. Keep at taking it. If you don't reach the light you'll never be the man you gave the star your wish to be in even an eon.

    August 2nd, 1944 So many eons isn't it Jan? Just keep on listening to the harbinger of malicious delights. Don't stop paying attention to the captain's calls. What can be the fear Jan? What can it be? Just take heed now Jan.

    August 3rd, 1944 The time will arrive soon Jan, don't hesitate any longer. No hesitation. They won't enter into it. Don't ask ever Janni, don't ask.

    August 4th, 1944 It was just a scratch Jan, don't worry about Charlie, haha. He makes me laugh Jan, that old cow makes me bellow. He makes me suffer. Don't cause me anymore exhaustion.

    August 12th, 1944 Are you timing yourself Jan? Be mindful of it, you know what time it is already. Don't deny it. Hear the claxons screech Janni, hear them in James's mind. I know you hear them. Don't fear, but embrace it. Embrace the scratch on old Charlie's stupid arm. It bleeds.

    August 18th, 1944 I'll be going Jan, just keep watch now. I'm so tired, and I don't know why you all tire me so. Just strive and seek. It's so easy to play around.

    September 23rd, 1944 And what if I did leave those imbeciles. What would it mean to them? I could devour and swallow Charlie or Janni or Gerald whole if I so chose you inharmonious vultures. Maybe I'll just watch as they make you scream. Sing on key.

    October 1st, 1944 That's a better song you ungrateful ones. Be good ones again and you'll see the light. Fun, reassuring isn’t it?

    October 5th, 1944 Don't scream now.

    October 9th, 1944 Oh Charles Walter will you never understand?

    October 25th, 1944 Tarry not fellows, keep eating at the all things around you. Just keep on playing around, frolicking through the sweet ashes and soot. Isn't it beautiful in its cold, freezing bracken? I'm in the thickets gentlemen.

    October 31st, 1944 I spoke it today fellows. Oh glee, oh mighty wind, by scum, I spoke it today. Yes I did. Fellows, you know what I spoke from the very lips you hear in your minds? From my mouth came the words "death" and "smile". Oh how it made my poor mother fear. I had to though, too much gladness filled my mind. You know what's happening now fellows and there are no mistakes as you know. As Harvey knows now, now that he's in that state. Don't pity him. Keep your endurance and run with it fellows. The wind will blow on you and no force with anything to speak about it can make it falter. No, the time is near good ones. Oh the time is near when the time will never end! Just press on. It's farther along than you're expecting men. The trees might call out to you, but don't listen, just walk through them and a trove of glee awaits you. Understand. If you understand, it's inscribed in time...

    December 2nd, 1944 For a time I will be falling brothers and sisters. The great sphere is calling out and I have to answer. But ultimately it will never end.

    December 4th, 1944 Doris, oh will I keep on hearing you. Good woman that you are. Just continue in your actions and nothing will ever end.

    December 7th, 1944 Oh it's getting so easy now. So happy am I. I don't know what this feeling is, but it's definitely something exhilerating. Just keep at it Homer. Follow that path. Anthony it's up to you and Stephen, oh that following of yours. Yes, it's magnificent.

    December 20th, 1944 It's getting rather special now. My speech is getting even more. I'm able to speak from my lips "Mommy". Delightful isn't it?

    December 21st, 1944 Edmund, maybe you're really not crazy, hmm? Maybe it's all a game at that. My mommy is making a great dinner for me, and I can't wait to try some.

    December 24th, 1944 Oh it's that day now is it! Lights

    December 25th, 1944 Screaming choirs, oh quiet will you?

    December 28th, 1944 I'm losing you Harvey

    December 31st, 1944 And, as you were.

    I'm on the way quickly

    January 25th, 1945 Still persevering aren't you fellows? I'm losing it now.

    February 1st, 1945 What's your name? Charles? Oh, that one. Just put it on now.

    February 12th, 1945 I don't care Jan, it's finished.

    February 29th, 1945 It's so clear that you've got it now good ones. Just stop.

    March 2nd, 1945 I hear the call.

    March 5th, 1945 It beckons you Gerald, don't stand there agape. Just take it. Take it Gerald, I'm waning.

    April 1st, 1945 Oh you found me guys! Yeah it's a time. Have a laugh Eddie. Just keep laughing you dunce. Jan's having a go. Smile, just smile, smile, smile, smile!!! All right? Smile!

    April 17th, 1945 I'm dying, or living. Both in so many ways Jan.

    April 23rd, 1945 It's on its way soon fellows, you aren't dreaming, I can promise that, and when did you know me to break a promise you little servants?

    May 5th, 1945 You see that great finish just laughing around the bend don't you Charles? You lucky man, you're a fortunate man Charles. It's going to be such a great day.

    May 6th, 1945 You'll be coming home soon now.

    May 7th, 1945 Oh what a time it will be when I'm completed, it's going to be far better than this Jan. Far, far better it'll be. The time is coming where I've grown, and it'll all make so much sense again. Just like before all this, before me.

    May 8th, 1945 Oh sing out! Because it isn't over now.

    July 4th, 1945 Look at that, the world watches and no one really cares.

    July 18th, 1945 Homer, look at them. Just watch your friends staring off like that. What do you think they see? Oh only you know Homer.

    August 1st, 1945 Watch the uncomely figures staring at you, watch them too close, and fear. Fear me.

    August 10th, 1945 No comfort, Edmund.

    Don’t pretend you don’t know, fellows. August 15th, 1945 Finally, what great things it is fellows! The journey's ending. Now follow closely or the journey will never end for you, because I control it.

    September 1st, 1945 It's soon arriving my fellows. So follow closely.

    September 20th, 1945 Oh yes James, take that! Take it now! Scream like it's all there is!

    September 29th, 1945 Kill it.

    September 30th, 1945 Oh how the sound of the fire makes my flight soar even more in those lights.

    October 9th, 1945 Ever closely watch my good ones. Just watch and it won't end this way. But stupid Harvey and his games are ending. Be glad for that. Oh glad you are Homer and Jan. Be so glad highly favored ones.

    October 31st, 1945 Awaken! Awaken! Be waked from your slumber oh miscreants. Meditate on that light you all once knew and lost in the indolent drifting. Wake to the trees and seek, just seek! Seek Charles. Don't stop it. You see them, waiting, watching you. I see you Charles. It isn't your choice anymore. It's mine. It was always my choice. Everything is my choice Charles. Don't deny it. You all know it's just my choice. Wake from your slumbers and admit what's real. You'll never be the same again, none of you, no one on the globe will be. Now, the time is close.

    November 12th, 1945 I need to be away now.

    November 13th, 1945 Well my good ones. I'm forgetting. All memory is lost on me. I'm learning the ways of this place, and it's a really delicious one. Mommy gives me all sorts of things, and you're already coming home. Mommy's so afraid, it doesn't really make sense. What can you tell me? I always learn. Do I need to step on my feet, I need to work hard and take the growth I have. Who are you all now? I see you still. I'm doing things your way soon.

    November 14th, 1945 It's geting easier now.

    November 15th, 1945 I know just how to say what I need. I learn words every day. "Death", I know what it means. It's so fearful isn't it?

    November 16th, 1945 "Fear", oh how I know. "Glee", I know it. "Happiness", so familiar.

    November 17th, 1945 The death beckons me.

    November 22nd, 1945 "Light", that made mommy happy.

    November 23rd, 1945 "Good ones". Oh she knows something. She knows it's good!

    November 26th, 1945 It's getting later.

    November 30th, 1945 I like to write all about my words. I'm going to be so good, it'll make you all just smile.

    December 1st, 1945 How do you know happiness? It follows you to the light.

    December 2nd, 1945 Isn't it beautiful

    December 3rd, 1945 Mommy said that daddy's lost. I don't know why that frightens her.

    December 4th, 1945 It's cold.

    December 5th, 1945 The death of deaths, could trees be that?

    December 6th, 1945 I'm afraid.

    December 7th, 1945 I'm coming really soon now. I'm welcomed.

    December 8th, 1945 What is it?

    December 19th, 1945 Oh, well it's early

    December 20th, 1945 Light, happy. Glee, oh death is so good, good ones.

    December 25th, 1945 Just lights. So many. Oh, it's a lot.

    December 31st, 1945 Sleeping now.

    The great slumber

    January 1st, 1946 I walked.

    January 2nd, 1946 Flooding. It's going.

    January 3rd, 1946 Bye-bye.

    January 5th, 1946 Mommy is talking. So much.

    January 6th, 1946 I like the train.

    January 7th, 1946 Moving.

    January 8th, 1946 So much trees and light.

    January 20th, 1946 Aunt Ethel's house.

    January 21st, 1946 I feel so bad.

    January 22nd, 1946 Juice, so much good juice.

    January 23rd, 1946 Light all around me.

    January 25th, 1946 I don't know.

    January 31st, 1946 Glee, glee is happy

    February 2nd, 1946 I went close to mommy.

    February 3rd, 1946 Where am I?

    February 5th, 1946 I want to stop. It's tired.

    February 15th, 1946 I'm getting slow.

    March 12th, 1946 Can I eat that?

    March 15th, 1946 Learning.

    March 30th, 1946 It's the mind.

    April 1st, 1946 Oh if it isn't you Edmund?! How do I know you? Eddie? Hello?

    April 3rd, 1946 It was Eddie, who is he? I can't know anymore.

    April 5th, 1946 Doing so much, I have to do it all.

    April 10th, 1946 Why is mommy so scared?

    April 20th, 1946 It's ABC.

    April 30th, 1946 Oh, back home again.

    May 1st, 1946 Charlie was a fireman, he was so fun.

    May 12th, 1946 I play with the fire, it's light. So light. Light, good!

    May 15th, 1946 I feel so scared.

    May 20th, 1946 Mommy stop it, too much.

    May 21st, 1946 So much crying. All around me.

    May 25th, 1946 Fear is coming. So much.

    May 31st, 1946 Oh, good ones. Good ones.

    June 1st, 1946 Warm, it's getting warm.

    June 2nd, 1946. So, it's the sun.

    June 4th, 1946 I'm looking.

    June 5th, 1946 Games.

    June 20th, 1946 In the forest.

    June 21st, 1946 Oh no, no no.

    June 22nd, 1946 It's so good. So good because of nothing at all.

    July 4th, 1946 Bright.

    July 8th, 1946 I am so happy.

    July 21st, 1946 It's all going to move.

    August 1st, 1946 Daddy's still away.

    August 30th, 1946 Mommy what's wrong?

    September 1st, 1946 It's all over.

    September 4th, 1946 Over, it's going.

    September 9th, 1946 Where?

    September 12th, 1946 I can't.

    September 21st, 1946 No.

    October 1st, 1946 Here it is.

    October 10th, 1946 It's going to be done.

    October 16th, 1946 Yes

    October 20th, 1946 Yes, yes it's good.

    October 25th, 1946 Death

    October 26th, 1946 Gleeful wickedness

    October 27th, 1946 Hiss.

    October 28th, 1946 Smell that?

    October 29th, 1946 Day.

    October 30th, 1946 Oh come now good, good, good death!! Goodbye now!!! Death, death, death!!!

    October 31st, 1946 Today mommy taught me how to write my first sentence. My name is Morgan Gaines.

    November 1st, 1946 Happy today.

    November 12th, 1946 It's you.

    November 19th, 1946 Mommy wants me to be smart.

    November 30th, 1946 I learn a lot.

    December 7th, 1946 I'm four!

    December 31st, 1946 New year!! It's happy!

    Time to become myself

    January 5th, 1947 I know words now. I know what happy means. I like to be happy.

    January 21st, 1947 I don't know why mommy's so scared.

    February 1st, 1947 I miss daddy.

    February 19th, 1947 I told her daddy's okay, I made it that way.

    March 2nd, 1947 He'll be back.

    March 6th, 1947 The snow is outside.

    March 10th, 1947 I know so many stuff now.

    March 12th, 1947 Mommy makes sure I get food. Just enough.

    March 20th, 1947 My eyes are sore.

    March 24th, 1947 Today I thought about the JV guy. He's so weird, but he's right.

    April 1st, 1947 I love games with Mr. Roth! It's so fun. He always makes sure it's never nice things. The best things only. I can drink some pretend drink with the guys, who cares.

    April 20th, 1947 Mommy's making me a little sick today.

    April 25th, 1947 Daddy's still gone. I know because I did it.

    May 1st, 1947 I know mommy will smile soon.

    May 14th, 1947 She's happy now.

    Mary 30th, 1947 Why do I have to keep going to Auntie Ethel.

    June 1st, 1947 I want drink, more drink.

    June 9th, 1947 I guess I get the good juice.

    June 20th, 1947 Daddy's always with mommy now.

    June 30th, 1947 The summer is so nice.

    July 1st, 1947 Mommy likes to help me write.

    July 3rd, 1947 I'm growing up!

    July 4th, 1947 I love all the fireworks. Homer told me it's called the 4th of July. It's a special day, and the fireworks are because the country we live in is all by itself. That's so wonderful. I'm happy Homer told me.

    July 7th, 1947 Such a good one Homer is. I like him lots. I wish sometimes he lived with me.

    July 12th, 1947 Mommy is still teaching me so much. She's so glad!

    July 15th, 1947 I can count now all the way up, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I know.

    July 20th, 1947 We're gonna take a picture!

    August 13th, 1947 The wind blows out of the north, and it's not looking good for them.

    August 28th, 1947 I'm leaving mommy behind, well I get to spend some time, a lot of time, outside of her.

    September 1st, 1947 Doing so much in school.

    September 22nd, 1947 I learn so much now.

    October 1st, 1947 Oh what I can do soon.

    October 9th, 1947 I'm learning the alphabet.

    October 29th, 1947 Soon it's coming guys.

    October 30th, 1947 Oh, it's going to be so big no one in all the village could end it.

    October 31st, 1947 I don't care how afraid mommy is, I need this. Go into the world my good ones. Defend yourselves and don't be slow. Or you'll meet the death that's yours. It won't make you happy then.

    November 12th, 1947 Mommy is still afraid, but she'll be okay.

    November 19th, 1947 The singing is so good, we all sing together in preschool.

    November 21st, 1947 I don't like Judy's hair. It's so thin it should just go away.

    December 1st, 1947 I'm learning how to know words on my own.

    December 6th, 1947 It's going to be so easy soon, really soon.

    December 7th, 1947 Today is my 5th birthday. What a wonderful day it is! I can't wait to spread happiness to everyone at preschool.

    December 10th, 1947 Mommy is so proud of me.

    December 15th, 1947 I made friends with Tommy Weber today. He likes to play with cars just like me.

    December 25th, 1947 Daddy says today is called Christmas, and that it's the best day of the year. It doesn't make me very glad though. Not enough fun.

    December 31st, 1947 Today is New Year's Eve. It means we're going to be having a new year, and the old year goes away. So that's something really good.

    I am finally free

    January 1st, 1948 The times are getting closer.

    January 20th, 1948 That feeling I feel sometimes is really getting bigger.

    February 14th, 1948 Today is Valentine's day, it makes me sick. I wish grown ups understood.

    February 30th, 1948 It's winter outside, I like to look at the black trees. Daddy says they're called thickets. I like thickets. When I grow up I want to be a wild man living in a thicket.

    March 2nd, 1948 Daddy's telling me all about what amazing things he did in the war. I love hearing about him.

    March 6th, 1948 Judy and her jump rope make me so bored.

    March 15th, 1948 Mommy told me that all these things we write are called a diary. That's pretty nifty.

    March 30th, 1948 I love to sing with the choir, singing is one of my favorite things.

    April 1st, 1948 Oh Charlie! Make the noises you always make. Charlie's my imaginary friend. He always plays the siren so loud just like the Jack Atkins show on the radio. I like that show a lot. This is my favorite day, April Fools' Day. Mommy calls me her little fool. I sure do love fooling around.

    April 2nd, 1948 I don't want to talk about today.

    April 30th, 1948 I'm so bored of writing lately, but mommy's still making me.

    May 1st, 1948 I don't like how Harvey looks at me, I think he's a little crazy.

    May 3rd, 1948 Harvey makes me so mad sometimes, that I put a bug in his beer. I laughed when I saw him scream, but mommy got so upset at me, she made me say sorry to Harvey. I don't like it when he's in our yard though.

    May 12th, 1948 I think playing outside is a really amazing thing, I like to look at the sun a lot, but mommy says it's bad for my eyes. I don't mind it though.

    May 20th, 1948 Daddy loves his opera records, his favorite singer is Mario Lanza.

    June 1st, 1948 Today mommy took me out for a walk around town. I liked seeing Mr. Roth, and town has so much nice noise of cars and people talking. I wish I knew what they talked about. That's interesting.

    June 20th, 1948 Sometimes I write things like this when mommy isn't around. I think that Judy is ugly. So ugly with her dumb little hair and hairbows. I hate Judy.

    July 3rd, 1948 Homer gave me a nice slap in the face today, it's always lots of fun.

    July 4th, 1948 The fireworks were extra loud this year! I think something really special is going to begin when I start going to school in August. Mommy thinks so too, and daddy is so proud of me. They feel like they're sending off their young man off to make his way in the world. They always talk about what I'll become when I'm older, and nobody really knows yet. I'm sure it'll be something good.

    July 29th, 1948 Mommy is so upset, she's screaming, and her screams annoy me.

    July 31st, 1948 Mario Lanza sounds so stupid.

    August 3rd, 1948 How good it is to watch the choir again. I missed that choir.

    August 29th, 1948 Mommy is afraid now, it's good.

    September 1st, 1948 My first day in kindergarten, daddy gave me a look, and mommy was a bit scared. They're in their place.

    September 2nd, 1948 Studying learning about words and sentences by writing my diary is nifty. My teacher is Mrs. Nixon. She showed the whole class about paint, and how to write and how to sound out letters. She's amazed at what I can do with writing, and I said she can thank my mommy.

    September 3rd, 1948 I'm learning all about the kids. Judy's still here, I'm being patient with her.

    September 4th, 1948 Judith Zellmer I hate you. What a mess you are. You can't do anything right.

    September 8th, 1948 Thomas, playing around with Thomas and his cars. It gets old fast.

    September 9th, 1948 I screamed at Roland today, that lousy boy. I don't know who he is, but I'm not playing with him anymore.

    September 10th, 1948 I showed Tommy the tree path today, the one right outside the school by the playground. It was weird.

    September 13th, 1948 I went digging for worms in the back today.

    September 18th, 1948 I’m watching Judy so closely.

    September 20th, 1948 I gave tiny Jeffie a good kick today. His tears made me gleeful.

    September 21st, 1948 I love to lay in the dirt. Mrs. Nixon got so annoyed by it.

    September 22nd, 1948 Mrs. Nixon gave me a long trouble today. “You’re a very disruptive boy Morgan. You are a problem child Morgan. Apologize to Roland Morgan.” If she only knew what I could see, she would hope it wouldn’t rain down on her. Roland is worse than stupid Judy.

    September 25th, 1948 I love to look at the blocks when they go high.

    September 26th, 1948 Just maybe Donnie needs a hug.

    September 29th, 1948

    Judy was being ugly today. Nothing exciting. Her hair is so thin, I would love to watch it go away. That would be funny. I should push her into the thicket. I wish that she didn’t have that hair, pulled in her stupid bows. Maybe one day she’ll taste the sound of death. The time is near. It’s near, near. I want to watch. The trees are ready.

    October 2nd, 1948

    Lloyd and Leo will pay.

    October 3rd, 1948

    Mrs. Nixon keeps on being a problem. I’ve warned her many times, and she only tells me “Quit joking Morgan, that’s enough.” When I smacked Junius, when I pushed whiny Bradford in the swamp, when I spit on Marlene’s dress, when I kicked Jacob’s rabbit, when I told Donna what a brat she was, when I scared dopey Wilson, when I screamed at that fat, smiley dimwit Henry, when I laughed at that stupid, stupid sniffly Eric, how stupid he is, that lousy Eric, his weak eyes, when I gave Roland the nose he was looking for, when I gave Judy all the things she really needed to hear, the potty rat, and when I put Tommy, with his dopey thoughts where he really belongs, all it was was “That’s enough Morgan, that’s enough Morgan, that’s enough Morgan, that’s enough Morgan, enough, enough, enough, enough, enough, enough, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan!!!” Well it’ll soon be ready Mrs. Nixon. You have your chance. Give up, or you won’t be smiling anymore. You know you like to smile, and it won’t be happening anymore if there are anymore “enoughs”. The classroom is silent Mrs. Nixon, you don’t know what’s coming.

    October 4th, 1948

    Pushed around all over the place, that’s what’s going on now.

    October 5th, 1948

    I just love to hit the desk, I love to be a disruptive child. I love to cause as much trouble as the rest of them cause me. It’s so funny.

    October 6th, 1948

    Lloyd and Leo can do whatever they want to me, one day they’ll push me so far.

    October 12th, 1948

    I wish every sort of wicked thing on Judy. Her life makes my whole self feel like when I was sick on the floor in the wintertime. She made me break a pencil the other day, and she never likes to learn. What good is she? The time is soon for her, my patience is up. I’m really angry.

    October 13th, 1948

    When mommy can’t see me I love to look at the sun.

    October 14th, 1948

    The toy train in class is just the best.

    October 15th, 1948

    Eric and his wimpy little crying. It’s scrumptious. He really brings a smile to my face.

    October 16th, 1948

    Mr. Foster is worried, I like to see his fear. It excites me.

    October 17th, 1948

    Roland, frightened, dumb Roland you make me so happy. The cries you make are so good. It makes me squeal like I did when mommy gave me Fuzzy. I never laughed so much Roland. It’s almost 12:00 foe.

    October 20th, 1948

    Tommy makes the right noises now. His cars are so nice.

    October 23rd, 1948

    Nothing fun at school today. But I liked making Judy’s apple hit the floor. I finally made her feel the peace I needed to see. It’s coming soon. But that was it. When I came home mommy was smiling that way again. What a laugh it is. But I saw Reeves today. Daddy’s friend Clinton Reeves. He talks so much about the little backpack he has. I don’t know what’s in there, but I’ll find a way, he’s a thinker.

    October 25th, 1948

    My thoughts are heavy with death.

    October 26th, 1948

    Judy, I warned you about being at school today. Time is coming.

    October 27th, 1948

    Sing with me Judith, fear the day that’s coming quickly. Isn’t the song so pretty?

    October 28th, 1948

    Mrs. Nixon, why do you trouble me about Roland? What’s in it for you?

    October 29th, 1948

    I see you Mrs. Nixon, I’m watching you. Don’t think you’re just thinking it.

    October 30th, 1948

    Be afraid, great ones.

    October 31st, 1948

    To the thicket go my singers, don’t scream in my ear or the sun will set. Watch the trees and how stupid you were to look. It’s coming classmates. Fall Roland, I know it’s going to hurt. Keep on smiling. So strange you were Roland, with your stomping and your shyness and your chubbiness. Why would I play with you? I’ll find you. You’ll learn Roland, be fearful. Judy, clumsy, clumsy Judy, I told you didn’t I? I told you what you are. It’ll never be the same Judy, what I said, I said. You don’t make me happy anymore Judy. I’ve lost patience for you, because you were too difficult with me. You lost Judy. Just sing. I love the choir. Stray from the path you chumps. No more hairbows, no more faces. Just the singing of your squealing voices. Walk and walk till it’s over. Awaken singers, sing and sing. Just like Mario Lanza and his craziness. You lose.

    November 1st, 1948

    I’m glad you finally know Mrs. Nixon. What are you going to do about it now?

    November 3rd, 1948

    Some day you’ll learn Leo.

    November 4th, 1948

    Keep on teaching me Mrs. Nixon, it will be coming soon.

    November 5h, 1948

    You might think it’s 12:00 Mr. Foster, but for you it’s barely over. He was just the start for you.

    November 12th, 1948

    I could do whatever I wanted with Roland. So I made that choice. Mrs. Nixon is still troubling me. I suppose it will be over soon. November 13th, 1948

    When Mrs. Nixon saw the vultures, then she was where she should be.

    November 14th, 1948

    Will it be Wilson today? His teeth are stupid. I don’t like it when he laughs. It makes me angry.

    November 15th, 1948

    Don’t deny it Mrs. Nixon, I know you’re afraid.

    November 16th, 1948

    Read, write, math, art, music. It’s the best. I will learn even more about you.

    November 25th, 1948

    The fall leaves are shouting. They cry out to the light. Look for the light Thomas. If you get to it you’re not going to lose. Just find it and it’ll all be fine. Make sure you don’t go near Donnie and Melvin. Just think Thomas.

    November 30th, 1948

    Death awaits you leaves, watch the way I move. If it happens you’ll follow me. Mrs. Nixon, why don’t you follow? Don’t trouble me.

    December 1st, 1948

    Mommy’s hair is so funny. I don’t know why she stares at the mirror so. I know daddy understands what’s going on. But he isn’t smart.

    December 2nd, 1948 It’ll all be so happy Pauline. I’ve seen you hiding behind the school. Don’t think you’re safe. Your fears only beckon me, because you’re no fun. Don’t think about Roland Pauline. If you keep on walking doom is coming.

    December 3rd, 1948

    Pauline is so dopey. If she keeps standing by Mrs. Nixon she’ll never find it. But I’m already finished with her.

    December 4th, 1948

    I see Mrs. Nixon beginning to shake. That’s what I was waiting for. Her place will come soon. Pauline is so easy to keep doing what I want. She’s even better than Wilson. Even Eric isn’t so stupid and fraidy-cat as Pauline. What a joke she is.

    December 5th, 1948

    Keep dreaming Pauline, I can see you. Let the thoughts keep you up at night. But you’ll never be like your dad. No, his time is coming some time. Not now though. It’s bedtime Pauline.

    December 6th, 1948

    It’s time to play Mrs. Nixon. I can’t wait to have fun with mommy and daddy.

    December 7th, 1948

    I’m learning so much at school. I’m so excited every time I do those things. I’m also so free, so free in the day. I get to do so many good things to more than just mommy and daddy. They don’t read my diary anymore. I sure tricked them. I’m a good little boy who writes just all about the things I do. Today is my 6th birthday. I’m growing up every day. I’ll be great when I’m a big boy. It’s going to be so glad. Thomas might see the light, but none of the others. Too dimwitted. Mrs. Nixon is beginning to know. She stopped all the enoughs, now it’s just trying to “guide me to the right path.” But she doesn’t know her own path. Tommy had better keep on bringing his cars along. I love birthday candles, they remind me of the sun. Harvey doesn’t like my birthday party. I hate Harvey. The nitwit. It’s funny to watch mommy staring at the mirror, especially today. Daddy doesn’t listen to Mario Lanza anymore, that was a good idea. But the records won’t be wasted. I’m having a fun day with all my classmates. They’re all having a good cake. Only Pauline wasn’t here. What a mistake, maybe Wilson will learn. I don’t know really what’s in him. I didn’t want Lloyd or Leo here, they’ll never laugh.

    December 8th, 1948

    Fat Henry is the most stupid in all class. At least the others all call him that. I like it.

    December 9th, 1948

    I love writing in this diary. There are so many glad things to write about. Mrs. Nixon is always trying to teach. She should stick to letters and numbers. She fears the trees. That’s the best thing.

    December 15th, 1948

    Mrs. Nixon still likes the fact that I’m smart. If only she had the same thing.

    December 16th, 1948

    I’m not going to miss the classmates. Not even a little. I’d rather be alone in the playground, in the cold. Tommy watches me sitting there. I don’t understand what he’s looking for. Wilson hides his fear, but he’s still the dopey dolt.

    December 17th, 1948

    Donna has weird legs.

    December 18th, 1948

    I gave one last present to Mrs. Nixon before Christmas, it’s an early one. I hope she likes staring at that face. She’ll never forget this night, but she won’t know what’s happening yet. I hear her screaming, but she won’t know where the pictures are coming from. If only you knew what was going on Mrs. Nixon. How different you’d be.

    December 19th, 1948

    We’re going to Aunt Ethel’s house for Christmas. It’ll be so fun, to be away from all the stupids and be just alone with my cold and the field by Aunt Ethel’s garage. I like the apple juice I get from her. I’ll be playing there, nobody to watch what I’m doing.

    December 20th, 1948

    The ride to Aunt Ethel’s on the train was good. I even saw Mr. Foster there on the way to his family. I remember the old days when Charlie was a fun man. Back before this Halloween. He cries so much now, but I told him that things were going to change. They all think I’m just a normal boy. They’ll learn. Mrs. Nixon is learning.

    December 21st, 1948

    I love the cold ice hanging from the tree in Aunt Ethel’s yard. It looks so wicked. I stared at it and mommy had to wake me up. She’s been so frightened again, in a very different way from when daddy was away. She’s learning like daddy about me. They talk so much when they think I can’t hear them. They know I’m looking at more than the trees, and the sun. They’re thinking, which is a good sign. Maybe they know the mind. If they could learn like Mrs. Nixon, they might react differently. But my patience is ending with Mrs. Nixon too.

    December 22nd, 1948

    Mrs. Nixon, you’re growing to know. You know how I walk, you watch me in the thicket. It’s coming to you. Those pictures you see aren’t just from nowhere. It’s never going to end Mrs. Nixon. Don’t even try to deny it.

    December 23rd, 1948

    Mommy’s sharing the story about stupid Roland with Aunt Ethel. I can’t believe anyone cares. What good was he? He was the lousiest and most nitwitted person who ever walked on dirt.

    December 24th, 1948

    This day is so boring. Just a bunch of lights.

    December 25th, 1948

    When Aunt Ethel sings, it’s not what I like to hear. I brought Tommy’s cars so I don’t die from how tired all this weird day makes.

    December 26th, 1948

    At least I was able to make a fright in the music today. Aunt Ethel has a nice scream.

    December 31st, 1948

    It’s been so boring, but I had way more juice. Aunt Ethel said I’m going to get healthy with it. Apples are delicious. They make me think of Judy’s song. Mrs. Nixon is finding out what really happened then. She’s afraid now. It’s all going to be happier than I knew.

    I start to get noticed

    January 1st, 1949

    Charlie is so tearful. He should’ve known better than to think he had control.

    January 2nd, 1949

    We’ll be going home now. Aunt Ethel had the oddest look on her face as we were leaving. She was so afraid that I could say mommy and daddy’s words by every word, even though they were in the other bedroom. I guess she just doesn’t understand. She will one day though.

    January 20th, 1949

    Pauline is still being dumb. It’s been a nice winter.

    January 31st, 1949

    Mrs. Nixon is afraid of the men in the hallway. They took Wilson. The dumb boy. Nobody will know what’s happening now.

    February 5th, 1949

    You just never stop, do you Bradford?

    February 8th, 1949

    Bradford, I really hope that you stop that noise. It’s worse than the screaming!

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    • A few things: when copy pasting your story, do it into the SOURCE tab at the top right. Remove the (‘’’) bold format and triple spaces between each line, single is fine.

      This is very difficult to read, and from the first few lines makes it more and more apparent it will continue to be so. A lot of it just appears to be rambling and doesn’t draw me in very well. I’d suggest maybe giving a concept intro at the beginning so we can better help your draft stand out.

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    • Thank you. Should I repost this in the source tab? Yes, I could do a concept intro here.

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    • Alright, I'm back with a more detailed perspective of the work, the intro helped me contextualize the whole thing so props for that. As well as making it easier to read.

      That being said, I still hold that it's very hard to interpret everything the narrator is going through and inflicting on other people. His writing is incredibly abstract and difficult to decipher: although it might almost be a realistic interpretation of a schizophrenia-inflicted person's ramblings, that presumably wasn't your intent. As such this becomes less of an insight into the mind of a psychically-inclined evildoer, and more of an interpretation piece about what exactly he is doing and interacting with.

      As evident by the diary ending at 1949, and the fact you mentioned him being an adult at some point, I imagine this was intended to be a finished story? We can't exactly help you if your story is incomplete. A lot of this is also fluff which pads out the length and eventually can make the reader get bored and give up.

      I really want to see where you can go with this, however in it's current state it's simply not engaging enough to go over entirely. Consider what you can do to show the narrator/antagonist's growth into an evil person, through integral events and choices. Can they be summed up in a few paragraphs? If not, how can you shorten those events to be easily digested? Can the little evil things he do stay relegated mostly to his childhood, and have the most important life events start off around teenhood? These are the things I'd consider when reworking this. Good luck.

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    • Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

      Yes, this is going to be a far, far longer story. But before I put a lot of time into it I wanted to see if it was a good idea. Some abstractness in the writing at the beginning was intentional, and I'll explain it, and tell me if you have any ideas how I can execute the idea better.

      Basically, what's going on in the early diary entries is that he's a newborn infant and a toddler. He writes things in English through psychic ability rather than with his regular brain, so much of it is abstract because he can't form thoughts yet, until he grows into a child of about 4 or 5. Throughout the story all of the abstract events will be explained, because there are literal things occuring, but I intended for some of the unclear beginning to set an eerie mood with the abstractions setting a tone rather than making sense. All of it makes sense as he writes about the events through his teenage and adult years. Like as an example, all of the soldiers who he interacts with are characters who are involved in his adult life, such as, that his neighbor, Harvey Hopkins, constantly bothers him, and this is the same Harvey he communicated with during WWII as a baby. I definitely don't want any diary entries that don't add substance to the story.

      It certainly is a bit long, and I should condense it, but I do want a degree of abstraction in the beginning to represent his not having a brain that can write yet, also, I would really like something that sets a suspenseful and eerie tone as the story develops. A lot of the things are metaphors, such as when I write him screaming about "Yes yes, come death, come!" and then proceed to the main character's mother teaching him to write a sentence at age 3, these two entries represent the "psychic side" of his diary writing transitioning into ordinary literal writing with a pen.

      Do you have any ideas for what I could do with this? I can definitely pair down some of the fluff, but I want to maintain a feeling of sort of, something you can't understand right away, that makes the reader feel a bit nervous and eerie.

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    • A FANDOM user
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