• Hey there, so to get to the point I made some terrible pastas as an edgy teenager and I wanted to see them after all this time, but they were (for good reason) deleted in their entirety. Is there a way to try and just quickly recover the story itself so I can personally view it?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help.

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    • Here are all the stories you posted to this wiki on a Pastebin. I included the titles as there were six in total. Please note that reuploading them will result in a temporary ban as per our site rules. Have a good one.

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    • Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! And trust me, I won't be posting these trainwreck dumpster fires. Looking at them again is making me regret my life choices. But again, genuine thanks from me and you have yourself a good one aswell.

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