• Hi,

    I am trying my damndest to create an author's note with external links, but I can't figure out how to make it work.  After a lot of struggle, I got it to look fine in the editing text box, but whenever I go to save, it gets messed up somehow.  Words go missing, or number show up.  What am I doing wrong and how can I do it correctly?


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    • Hi Jdeschene,

      For some reason, the template has issues with the long string in the YouTube URL. Any other link seems to be fine. Anyway, I used a URL shortener which does as the name implies. I used the following website to do so for your story. However, feel free to use whichever in the future. You can find them free with a quick search. :)

      Take care!

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    • Thanks again!

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    • Sure thing!

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