• Ive watched this movie so many times in the past five days that i dont even remember how many times I've see this. It is perhaps the most faithful Lovecraft adaptation that I've seen. Granted, the short wasnt enought to fill two hours, but the movie gets around that.

    Instead of just being a faithful adaptation, it is what we dont really see in the story, but its what is talked aboht about in the story. As a perdo who had In the Moutb of Madness as my favorite movie for year, this one my surpass that.

    There are some parts that aren't the best in this movie, but that's okay. The bad CGI kind of guves it that feel of thibgs that cant really be explained. There is also some r eww ally good CGI, lime the bug that comes from the well.

    Some of the acting is a little strange as well, but over all it's amazing. Nick Cage, was a selling pount for me, and im glad to day he didnt let down. As a person going insane, he was a perfect fit for this movie.

    As for the strong parts, they take the time to build up the family enough to see when they start going crazy. The way that it slowly builds up from just a few weird moments as a family, which most families can relate to.

    It could be that i am able to identify as most of the characters at one point in my life, that I really connext to thia film. I was a pot headz and more, in the past. I practiced the occult when i was younger, and now i have children, so most of the people i can relate to.

    There is a lot i this movie, and if you're a fan of lovecraftian horror, id sugest that this is a movie that you should watch. While I haven't seen Mandy yet, I've heard that this is a lot like that movie. To me, it seemed like a combination of Wizard of Oz and The Thing. There are some beautiful imagery and horrific body horror. I want to keep getting more movies like this, so please watch it

    I typed this on my phone, so please ignore the typos and other grammatically incorrect writing in this post.

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    • I was definitely interested in this ever since I saw the first trailer. Unfortunately, where I'm living I likely won't be able to watch it for a month or two until it's distributed a bit more online. I'm definitely adding it to my Halloween Horror marathon. Thanks for the review!

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