• My name is George, and I want to tell you what happened to me in 1993, I was probably 10 years old.

    I was a normal kid back then, almost like all the other kids in my school. Naïve and good.

    Anyway, I was riding to school on my bike. It was most likely May back then. I noticed the cars passing me, and it made me feel calm.

    When I arrived outside of my school, I noticed that the security guard of the school was acting pretty weird. He almost always stared at me with dead-like eyes.

    The hours passed and the bell rang and it was time for us, the kids, to leave. I started walking towards the parking zone of my school.

    I heard footsteps behind me but I said before, I was pretty naïve to think that anything was really wong.

    After some minutes I started riding my bike back home, I noticed a truck driving behind me, at first it started driving slowly behind me but then it started driving faster.

    I looked back and saw that the driver was the security guard of my school. After that, I understand that the driver wanted to kill me.

    I started riding faster and he did too, he plowed through the traffic in order to catch up to me.

    Thankfully he collided with a multi-stop truck, and that wined me time to escape.

    I drove in the canals near me to hide.

    I tried to get calm, and I became for a bit until I saw the truck jumping from the up road to the canals, and it was in front of me now.

    The look of the truck was menacing, I felt like a warm in front of a lion.

    I started riding again, as the truck was driving behind me.

    A Ford F-Series 1955 van suddenly drove in the canals.

    The back doors opened, and I saw my second-cousin Ethan telling me to jump in the back of the van.

    It was pretty dangerous, but I did it. I jumped from my bike to the back of the van.

    The driver of the van was like a bodybuilder. He then shot a tire of the truck, causing it to collide with a bridge in the canals.

    The truck exploded.

    The van stopped.

    I asked Ethan what was happening and he told me, “That guy that chased us was a satanic entity, it took the form the security guard of your school’s security guard, he wants to kill you because in the future you will stop The New World Order”.

    The bodybuilder said, “I'm a good entity sent so save you”.

    When I heard these things, I felt like a superhero, but I understand that things were serious.

    After we talked for a few minutes we decided to go to my parents’ house, and take them, so we can go to a survivors’ camp zone, we did that.

    The days passed, and I, along with my parents were living in a tent in this survival camp zone.

    My mother gathered weapons from an old friend and planned to flee with me to Mexico, but after having a nightmare about New World Order, she instead set out to kill Retan, a technician that develops high-tech that could potentially bring New World Order, in order to prevent it from occurring. She finds him at his home, she wounds him but finds herself unable to kill him in front of his family.

    I and the Good Entity arrived and inform Retan, of the future consequences of his work. We learned that much of his research has been reverse-engineered.

    Convincing him that these items and his designs must be destroyed, we broke into his building and destroyed them.

    We get out of the building and get in the Good Entity’s van, even though we probably stopped The New World Order from happening, the Evil Entity was probably not going to get down without a fight so he stole another truck and started to chase us.

    The truck collided with many vehicles but it continued to chase us. However, we managed to take a sharp turn, and the truck collided with another truck.

    They exploded. The Evil Entity came out of the flames, it didn’t have a human form anymore. It had many horns and fiery skin.

    The Good Entity came out with a shotgun and started shooting the Evil Entity until it fell back in the flames.

    The Good Entity approached it and with its single hand, it decapitated the Evil Entity.

    I felt calm and hugged my mom and my dad.

    The Good Entity told us that he needed to go, but he was like my protector and I didn’t want that to happen.

    I cried and told him not to go but he said that there was no other way. White wings appeared from the Good Entity’s back and it flew away, as he did he said.

    “I’ll be back”.

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    • The wording and sentence structure in this story is slightly awkward and unnatural feeling. There are a few typos ("I felt like a warm in front of a lion.", "anything was really wong", for example)

      The plot is very nonsensical. The concept of someone going back in time to kill someone who will stop evil is very reminiscent of the Terminator. In fact, the very last line is ripped from the movie. It's a wonder why this "satanic entity" didn't just go back in time to kill the main character's mother when she was pregnant, or something a lot more easier than becoming a security guard.

      Then the good entity goes back in time and warns the main character's cousin instead of he himself, or killing the entity before all this stuff goes down.

      The story is very lacking in explanation and rushed. We are told of things happening, but don't really "see" them, or how the characters react to them.

      "She finds him at his home, she wounds him but finds herself unable to kill him in front of his family." This sentence right here is a good example of what I am talking about. Additionally, it is told in a tense-swap.

      This honestly doesn't even feel like a Creepypasta, it's like the Terminator but with demons and angels.

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