• My name is Michael, Michael Hoggingten. Have you ever walked through a rural area, or simply lived in one?? If your answer is yes, then you must have seen the beautiful scenery that accompanies it. But have you ever noticed how lonely and creepy it can seem, most likely no, I hope. I always thought it was calming, living out there since I started middle school. I kinda grew up as a awkward loner because of how isolated it was. Although I found it paradise, but things soon changed. (Draft 1 end, feel free to tell me your thoughts.)

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    • Just a heads up: the Workshop is for posting finished drafts or 80-90% finished drafts. Its fine if you can't think of an ending for example, but it's difficult to help new writers if their story is a stump compared to a full-grown tree. 

      My first suggestion would be separate the story from your concept intro (describe what kind of story you're planning on writing; help us understand what themes and scares you're going for). 

      Once you actually finish your story, or the majority of it, you can update the post you've ALREADY written by clicking edit on the thread and copy pasting it into the source. Good luck.

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    • My bad, ill come back when its finished and make you proud :)!!!!!

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    • Black Chaos Spade wrote:
      My bad, ill come back when its finished and make you proud :)!!!!!

      Lol, go gedder done.

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