• ICU Delirium is something which some people suffer from due to being put on ventilators and isolated from human contact. Due to the fact that CoViD-19 has put way more people in ventilators, it's becoming a topic which people might find cathartic, and making it the subject of some kind of story could be demeaning.

    I want to make a first-person story from the point of view of someone suffering from ICU Delirium, but I don't know anyone with it, and thus, all of my sources come from news stories. Do you think it would be in bad taste to make such a story? If so, what should I do?

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    • It's fine to make a story on such a topic. Do research some stuff on the topic just to make it more convicing though. Essentially everything that does not violate the guidelines here is fine. 

      I'd suggest avoiding the topic of the current pandemic itself, people are kind of fed up with the Coronavirus 

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    • I wouldn't say it was in bad taste. Likewise, I would also say not to directly mention the virus itself. Pastas relating to current events are usually much worse than ones that don't, at least in my opinion anyway. Creepypastas (and by extension, fiction as a whole, I guess) are a way to escape modern reality in search of something more exciting, not to be reminded of it. The media does that well enough already.

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    • Maybe focus on creating an interesting setting and context behind the ICU stuff away from current pandemic topic: people will get the message and nothing will be seriously lost. So like, maybe about someone in ICU after a fire hazard broke out, for example. 

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