• So I recently uploaded my creepypasta, Substitute, to this wiki.

    Unlike my previous stories (which weren't that good), Substitute didn't get deleted! Which I'm really happy about.

    Back in 2017 I uploaded a creepypasta I wrote onto my channel, it was called "Wii Deleted You", and it got quite a bit of attention. So much so that I made it into an entire series of creepypastas, the problem was is that it wasn't that good.

    Wii Deleted You has pretty poor writing, cliches, and plotholes.

    I wrote more creepypastas after that, which I consider to be stepping stones when it comes to improving as a writer.

    I wrote and uploaded the 5 parts of Substitute from December 2018 to Februrary 2020, and is a story I am actually kind of proud of. But I want to here some thoughts from the wiki, what did you think of the story? I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts, interpretations and critiques of the story.

    Thanks! And have a great day.

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