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    Official Sighting, When a young minecraft player wanted to share it's message he later showed the photo and his friend (Who will remain anonymous) pointed out the figure in the background.

    Section 4C subsection 8Z

    Official Government Document only meant for the Director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation if you are not the Director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation close this document immediately or else we will be forced to end your life,

    The name “Misty Man” (Scientifically, caligus daemonium meaning Mist Demon) was given for its appearance on foggy days, rainy days, and of course misty days. While mammals were evolving into humans in Northern America the Anolis carolinensis was evolving in a similar pattern. This caused the ancestor of caligus daemonium (stilio hominum meaning lizard person) a completely upright lizard that could camouflage into any surrounding. 

    The stilio hominum was on average about 9 inches tall, weighing in at just about 8.5g, and their diet often consists of medium to large sized arthropods. They then moved east to the area that is currently known as North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. The arthropods increased in size when they moved leaving them with a low food source so they grew and evolved further increasing in size and feeding of the smaller stilio hominum.

    This evolution created the early magnus serpentium (translating to large reptile) the magnus serpentium was about 2 feet tall, weighing about 2 lbs and 4 oz. When they became larger so did the main target of their food Hogna carolinensis more commonly known as wolf spiders also grew.

    They grew to 3 feet in diameter, weighing 2lbs, and a leg length of 1ft and 6 inches creating gigas aranea (more allibarition on these arachnids is the file in section 4C subsection 9Z)  when these arthropods did this it set off a chain of evolution between the 2 animals. Until they both reached their final evolution. 

    The Misty Man is only seen in rain because the water washes off the gels that are released from it’s pores in order to go camouflage. This gives it the monotone coloring. Sightings have acknowledged how the spinal cord is almost separated from the rest of the neck and that it stands at about 35 ft tall. The weight is undiscovered and any evidence of a gigas aranea larger than 12 feet is undiscovered which begs the question where did they go.

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    • I have just discorverd the "Mist Man" I did not base my post on anything but I do feel it is only fair to put the link to the Mist Man here so.

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    • I'm not sure where you were going with this one. Is the lizard man the main focus, or the misty demon, or are they the same entity?

      There's a lot of measurements and scientific sounding names being thrown around but I don't think they're as important as the rest of the piece. I don't want to say this is a story since there isn't a conclusion really. Also, a lot of this post hinges in the effectiveness of the photo; the creature itself is really grainy and poorly edited into the pic, so it doesn't feel authentic. Especially considering the punctuation and awkward wording in the first paragraph.

      Why would a kid take a random photo of a PC at the main menu of MC? There should be a plausible reason behind it, otherwise its pointless. 

      If water washes off the camo agent, why would it appear during rainy days to begin with? Evolution would have it appear outside of rainy days so as to remain undetected. 

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    • @Wiliam See I understand where you are coming from but the concept is introducing the evolution of the creature and not the story of it. This is because it is not one story it is many, my main thinking process was laying groundwork for others to create stories of their own about the character. Also  The Misty Man is only seen in rain because the water washes off the gels that are released from it’s pores in order to go camouflage. The photo was... ok you got me there... I get that one. Yeh... yeh yeh. um well....... Focus on the other stuff.

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    • Seems like "My OC ID card". The concept of a "hidden" parallel species to humanity is pretty cool. It's literally everywhere in folklore with Yeties, Big foots, Urang Pendeks and so on. You could work this into a good horror story for sure. Here's the thing, it's not a story. You need to come up with some sort of plot to make it here; pull off a story, post it for review and we'll keep on from there. 

      I'd suggest getting rid of the scientific names, unless your plots involve scientific research of these creatures it's just pointless. 

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    • allibiration --> elaboration

      I guess if you want, people can make stories about lizard people.

      Also, this is a bit nitpicky, but because of the square-cube law, you can't just make an animal really big and expect it to live. For example, if you multiply the size of a mouse's organs by 10, and create a mouse 10 times the size, it won't be able to lose heat fast enough and will die. Also, wolf spiders take oxygen from the air passively, which means they can't get larger unless the air is really oxygenated, in which case all arthropods will get larger.

      I unironically think you could write a more frightening story about whatever is causing this gigantism, but I agree that you should ditch the scientific stuff. It doesn't make sense.

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    • This is not a story. This is not scary. This is a encyclopedia entry. Maybe this would be good in a story, or if you come up with a book that just tells of crypids. Besides that, theres nothing here. Put it into maybe a book someone finds with a bunch of these entries and then have him start running into said creatures. That would be something I'd like to read.

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