• From Blake Forseman to Westbrook Maintenance


    4:03 PM



    For the past four days, I’ve woken up to puffs of cotton scattered across my dorm room. Cotton in every place imaginable. Beside my bed, laying on my chest, swept beneath the doorway matt...God, the shit’s everywhere.

    It looks like one of the Charmin Bears got slit open with an etching knife or something. I clean thoroughly, of course, then take it upon myself to repeat the process (which I do endlessly). Everything reappears in the morning. You should be able to decipher why I find this concerning.

    I don’t know of any source where it could be entering from, especially in such amounts. My roommate is also oblivious to how this could be occurring regularly (that is when he isn't bitching on about this Raegan chick). Maybe one of the maintenance staff is fucking with us, I don’t know. 

    We don’t own bulk supplies of the shit. We don’t have any figurines it could be pouring from. Perhaps one of the walls in the unfinished part of the dorm has a tear in it? Maybe the fillings seeping out? If so, that would fail to explain why it’s increasing in number regularly.  

    Needless to say, I’m pissed and sorer than a senile porn queen with arthritis, so please excuse the unprofessionalism of this message. I would like building management to find a solution to this annoyance as soon as possible. 

    On an unrelated note, one of the pillows in my bedroom has gotten awfully stiff. Do you think you could send someone over to launder it? Thanks.


    2:23 PM



    Thank you for notifying us of this peculiar occurrence in your previous message. We at management share your irritation and promise to discover the source of this issue, though we’re afraid that your concerns must be temporarily placed aside. 

    As I’m sure you are well aware, a member of our security team has recently unearthed evidence suggesting a student under our care is planning to harm and/or take the lives of several individuals on campus. 

    Classes will resume as foreseen, though we must temporarily direct our convergence on safeguarding the well-being of our scholars and teachers. I am sure you will find it in your better judgment to forgive us for this inconvenience. 

    Sincerely, the Westbrook Maintenance Department.

    Blake Forseman to Maintanence Department


    3:49 PM


    Of course I’m aware, it’s all anyone’s been bitching on about. As always, I’m confident in our security. But the cotton problem’s persisting and I’m livid as hell about it. I, honest to God, see no way a man can fall asleep in the comfort of a spotless apartment, and awake to see a trail of fabric running from his bed to the front door. 

    As is standard in my life, I have another problem to report. I’ve lost track of a large briefcase I had brought with me shortly after moving in. I don’t have any jewels or shit like that stashed inside it, just my eleventh grade yearbook and a few intimate belongings I had brought for my stay here. 

    Do you have any counseling services readily available? This entire situation has been nothing short of mentally exhausting. I guess I would like to speak to someone on it. Maybe get a second opinion. Thanks for your time. 


    11:45 AM


    Dear Blake,

    Thank you for notifying us. Theft is, unfortunately, a common occurrence on college premises. Just the previous year, we were forced to depose of one of our very own faculty for defalcation. Assuming there is some label on the luggage identifying you as it’s owner, we can assure you two will be reunited shortly. 

    As always, our services are readily available to support our residents through any mental/personal vexations that may arise. We thank you for being a dynamic supporter of the Westbrook mission.

    Blake Forseman to Westbrook Maintenance 


    3:39 PM


    Hello again. It’s been a while since my previous message to you, no? I thought I should be the one to inform you that I’ve visited the councilors you’ve advised to me. They’ve both been a tremendous help, so thanks for that. 

    I know, I should “stop abusing the service” and shit like that, so hopefully this will be my final message to you people. I would like to arrange for my baby sister to arrive for a visit on Thursday the following week. She’s been dying to see how I’ve been living independently and...eventually I gave in. Are there any arrangements I need to make in advance or is she free to just visit for an hour or so and leave?

    And when you said one of your employees was fired for...what the fuck was the word, "delfaction"? Can I ask what exactly he was charged with? Just for my curiosity's sake. 

    Thanks for all of this in advance. And for the last goddamn time, when can I get my bed pillow looked at? I could drive to an Applebees and get better service than this. But thank you in advance anyway.


    1:14 PM



    We thank you for informing of these issues and allowing us to wane the adversity of living independently. Personally, your messages have been a pleasurable escape from my routine line of work. Feel free to inform us if any other difficulties may arise. 

    Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose specific charges. Simply put, a member of our staff had been accused of theft and exploitment. He has since been terminated and placed in legal custody. 

    When is this sibling of your's arranging to visit? We'll require a few, simple snippets of information (the date of her visit, her birth name, age, relationship to her host, any know medical complications/needs, etc.) 

    Thank you for you’re cooperation.


    3:20 PM


    Yeah, yeah, I understand. Should have assumed you people would put me through the usual beuracratic lag. 

    Her name is Katja Forseman, she's ten years of age, she plans to arrive at 7:20 AM on the 18th, she's my sibling (at least I believe so, my Mom's somewhat of a wench), and she suffers from eczema (nothing severe). 

    For the love of God, I hope these are all the questions that are required of me. I am in the worst humor imaginable. Tommy, my dormmate, is doing some weird shit in his room. Crying, kicking shit around...I don't think he's mentally altogether. Either that or he's doing LSD or something. 

    And while I'm bitching on about all this, I might as well add that one of my pillows, the lumpy ass one, has remarkably vanished altogether. I'm assuming someone came to retrieve it? To have it cleaned?

    Westbrook Maintenance to Blake Forseman


    10:34 AM



    Upon your complaint (as well as various others recieved by our department), we were regretfully forced to search through your roomate's quarter for any traces of hallucinogenics in his possession.

    Fortunately, we found none and were able to succesfully end our investigation. It appears that this is the fourth documented time we had rummaged through his belongings searching for narcotics. I'm afriad he will have to be expelled from our complex upon a fifth disturbance complaint.

    Our complex has no real cleaning services, and we haven't sent any employees to wash this ominous headrest of your's.

    Our security department would also like to inform you of reports of a man (allegedly armed) prowling along the outskirts of campus grounds yesterday night. Please stay as alert as possible and avoid strolling off of university grounds late into the evening. 

    Sincerely, Westbrook Maintenance.

    Blake Forseman to Westbrook Maintenance


    8:23 AM


    Believe me, I do nothing BESIDES watching after myself. Also, I found my pillow, so that's great and all.

    Tommy appears unwell, though. I...I can't put my finger across why his health had suddenly begun to concern me. It's a multitude of things, really. His face is dead white. He walks in quick jolts, like he's unsure of himself. He keeps moaning and shit about this Raegan person (whom I can only assum is some sort of former lover). He rarely speaks to me. His eyes are constantly bloodshot. On occasions I've awoken to find him rocking himself beside the front door. 

    I'm finding it difficult to communicate with him as of recently. Does he happen to have any mental handicaps? His surname's Masalis.


    7:23 AM



    Of course. The psychogenic well-being of our students is amongst one of our primary interests. We'll be certain to search his record for any registered mental complications, though we will be unable to inform you of a specific diagnosis, in the interest of his privacy.

    Blake Forseman to Westbrook Maintenance


    8:23 AM


    Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

    I...I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.

    I couldn’t stand it. Turning and tossing with that stiff-ass pillow under my neck night after night. Waking up sore every morning. Just after my roommate left for class, I surrendered to my temper. I flung it across the room, and when it landed...I saw something running up it’s underside. Like a black centipede almost. Of course, I stepped a little closer. There was some crude stitching running along the width of the pillow. Some of the thread had come loose. As if someone had cut into and resewed it regularly. Shit.  

    I was curious. You can understand. Please understand.

    I pried my fingers beneath it and began to tear and tear and tear. Pushing through a mess of cotton until all of the contents began to spill out.

    There were photographs of people, I think they’re students. stuffed deep inside of it. I think they were cut from my yearbook. Maps. A few stray twenty dollar bills. A badge. An empty pill vial. A handful or so of bullets. I can’t fucking bear it all...please send somebody immediately. 

    I’m writing this from my bedroom closet. I plan o-...


    someone's coming...

    Alright, Tommy's in here with me now. He told me someone had opened fire on him outside. We've barricaded ourselves inside his room. I think I’ll be fine now. 


    8:40 AM


    'Mr. Forseman, I believe your last message ended rather abruptly. We'r'e are notifying our security personell to escort you to shelter. You are urged to remain concealed until their arrival. 

    In response to your previous request, we have searched through a record of students with mental health complications. It appears that no student under the name Thomas Masalis currently attends here.

    It appears that he had been terminated eight months prior for harassing several students. You were assigned to share a room with a young man named Raegan Dinelle.

    I strongly advise you to leave the room immediately. You're "dormmate" is clearly unstable and likely a hazard to you're well-being. 

    8:59 AM:

    Mr. Forseman? 

    8:59 AM:

    Mr. Forseman, are you well?

    Blake Forseman to Maintenance


    9:06 AM


    i loved him. i needed hm. i need them all. 


    9:12 AM


    What the hell? As I've stated, we are notifying our security personell to escort you to shelter. You are urged to remain sheltered until they arrive. 

    Forseman to Maintenance:


    9:14 PM

    Final Message:

    fine, fine. but can you sweep up some of the cotton on your way out?

    i've made one hell of a mess :)

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    • Wow. Good story, Sloth. You kind of had me lost in the beginning, but as everything came together I came to really enjoy this one, especially how it was written in the narrative of two people sending emails amongst each other. 

      And the ending was great as well. Although I think you need to work on the formatting and maybe flesh out the main story. Keep up the work though.

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    • Other than a missing "than" at the beginning "sorer than a porn queen with arthritis" it was pretty okay until the ending. I don't quite get what you were trying to do there. Kid's dead and the fake officer took over? The way you've handled it just seems like a dud and unscary, and obviously unclear. Maybe expand on that end a little more. (Have him do something so we could be certain that this isn't the original author of the messages or anything really) The abrupt ending doesn't really work here. 

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    • I agree with Bloody, you're going to want to add to the end. Also, I have a few comments about some of the other content in this story. I've never seen college security with guns or a college that has an armory. As far as I'm aware, colleges are no gun zones. The pillow thing doesn't really fit either. A maintenance crew wouldn't have anything to do with personal possessions. A pillow is most likely not given to students, although, when I was in college I didn't live in a dorm, so I'm not certain about that one.

      The ending about the pillow and something coming out of it like a centipede was a little confusing for me. Did some creature actually come out of it, or was it just the stitching? Also, how and why would the killer use this kids pillow to store things? How would he be able to do that while the kid was asleep without waking him? I'm a heavy sleeper, and I'm sure I'd wake up if someone was trying to store things in a pillow I have my head on.

      Those are most of the plot problems I have. The ending is okay, but it does need more information on it. Iron out those aspects and this story will be air tight and make it pretty damn good of a story. I'd give it more praise, but those things took me out of it while reading.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, man. I'll try to iron out more aspects and rework the ending. 

      And no, the idea was that his dorm mate was planning a shooting and concealing the evidence inside of his roomate's pillow so that if he were ever searched, he would take the blame (hence why he came back to puffs of cotton scattered across his apartment).

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    • SlothIsBack wrote: And no, the idea was that his dorm mate was planning a shooting and concealing the evidence inside of his roomate's pillow so that if he were ever searched, he would take the blame (hence why he came back to puffs of cotton scattered across his apartment).

      Figured that it was someone else, and not some supernatural aspect. It's always better to add more, because you're going to have dumb readers like me that will miss things.

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