• hey so im kinda new to this whole Fandom Wiki thing, uploaded a story and i super hope i did it right, if not then i apologize. 

    the story handles some pretty intense themes (s8xual ass8lt, kidnapping, violence) but i feel i enjoy writing and exploring these topics, i have been writing horror with disturbing themes for a while now and I thought it'd be about time i Post it.

    so here it is! I suppose

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    • Quick word of advice: a writer's showcase thread is only really meant to contain a quick synopsis of the pasta in question, in the form of a specific template. You'll notice if you go on the front page that your post is there, but what you've typed here doesn't show up.

      If you comment a synopsis of Hog here (should be only 1-2 sentences long), I'll edit this thread so that the description, story and author (you, obviously) will show up properly.

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