• So I made this creepypasta, and it won't let me post it. I get that it's a Minecraft creepypasta but it's not technically about Minecraft. It's about a man going crazy from a strange disaster, and the goverment trying to get information out of him.

    Interview #2

    November 29, 2020

    Jackson Clayton

    Jackson: Hello? Can you hear me ok?

    (REDACTED): Yes, we can hear you. 

    Jackson: Look, man, I don’t understand why I’m here. 

    (REDACTED): We know you’re lying. Please try to cooperate with us.

    Jackson: Well, fine, I know why I’m here. We all do. But why me? Why not anyone else?

    (REDACTED): You were there when it began. And we believe, if you know what we think you do, you’ll be there when it ends.

    Jackson: You really think you can stop it? After what we’ve seen?

    (REDACTED): Just start from the beginning. Don’t hold back any details.

    Jackson: Fine. If you really want it, I’ll start from the beginning. The very beginning. 

    Minecraft was a sandbox game made by the creator Notch. In it, you can fight mobs, build crazy castles, and mine for diamonds. Without a doubt, Minecraft is a game that will go down in history as the greatest of all time.

    But we’re not here to talk about the great success of Minecraft. We’re here to talk about its great failure. That is, the secret superflat world. Where we found it.

    I first learned about this as a beta tester for Notch’s original version. We were given very specific rules as testers. I can’t remember them all. But the one rule Notch held above all else, was to tell him what we thought of his new versions.

    Every week, we would submit a review, and write down one thing we liked about a new update and one thing we didn’t like. Then he would make us write a score from 1 to 10 of what we thought of the new update.

    One day, Notch came into our testing room and told us he had finished the game completely. He gave us a new beta version. This was the version that had the original Ender Dragon boss fight.

    The boss fight when Notch was testing it was very different than our current version. Most importantly, it was crazy hard. Seriously. Our best player sat in an empty room and did it consecutively 200 times, and lost every single time.

    Whenever the dragon would hit you at all, you’d go flying hundreds of blocks into the air. Each end crystal took 3 hits to destroy, and all of the endermen were instantly angry.

    The scores we were giving the company were getting lower, and Notch realized that it had to be the boss fight. Pretty soon, he gave us a version pretty similar to the one we have today. But he let us keep our old copies.

    It became a kind of challenge around the company to try and beat the old version. I really don’t think anybody has the skills necessary to beat that dragon. It would require some pretty insane accuracy.

    This all went on until the next update. Notch had added commands, as well as making all future updates applicable to the old versions. Our computers would naturally update the game every time a new version was added. That gave me an idea.

    After a few days of messing with the code, our team made a breakthrough. We figured out how to mod a version of Minecraft with the old boss fight, but also with commands. The first mod was born.

    Since I was the one who had the idea to mod it, I got to play the boss fight first. Everybody gathered around me to watch. Quickly, I entered the command to

    insta-kill the dragon. It flew up into the sky and died.

    Everyone on our team cheered. We had won! Experience rained down around us. I jumped into the portal, ready for the End Poem to play. But the screen where the poem usually was had became entirely blank.

    We waited and waited. Minutes, then hours passed. On the fifth hour of waiting, one word showed up on the screen. “Warp.” Suddenly, we had respawned at our bed.

    We all stared at the screen in shock. What could this mean? What was warp? We did the reasonable thing, and went to get Notch. He was usually truthful, and if something weird happened, he’d express that he didn’t know what it was.

    When Notch came into the room, he was just as surprised as we were. He said he hadn’t coded an end poem in the old version. He gave us a day off and said he was going to look into the glitch for the rest of the day.

    The next day, Notch had some news on the subject.

    (REDACTED): Stop. 

    Jackson: Why?

    (REDACTED): What were the names of your coworkers?

    Jackson: Well, there were a lot, but the two I worked with were Charlie and Matt.

    (REDACTED): Why didn’t you tell us this?

    Jackson: I don’t want them involved. In case they’re still here.

    (REDACTED): Our sources can verify without a doubt that they are not.

    Jackson: How do you know?

    (REDACTED): We have previously interviewed one. The other is presumed dead.

    Jackson: What do you mean, presumed?

    (REDACTED): They saw. A day before everyone else did. When you were away, they saw. 

    Jackson: But how do you know? How would you know that?

    (REDACTED): They are special.

    Jackson: How?

    (REDACTED): If all goes well, we’ll tell you.

    Jackson: Ok. So Notch came back, and he told us about how he didn’t know what it was either. And for a year or two, nothing happened. It became an urban legend, and there were more important things to do.

    Until two days before the incident. 

    I think it was Matt that had the idea to enter it into the seed generator on the modded version. He was always a little bit too into horror and scary stories, and I guess he wanted to have his own experience. 

    So when he spawned in, he got a flat world. I think by then some company had bought the game and Notch wasn’t working on it anymore. I remember he was really disappointed. I thought he was crazy, I mean, it’s a weird coincidence that the same word in the poem worked that perfectly.

    I was being stupid though. I think we all know now that horror isn’t all that fun in real life.

    Somehow, I convinced Matt to upload a video of us exploring it on YouTube. We came up with some clickbait title about how we were exploring a demonic flat world. 

    So we started a screen recording and started to look around. For like six and a half minutes nothing really happened. Then I spotted a village, and we went over there.

    So we went to loot the chests, and we got to the house of a cartographer villager. I opened the chest, and there was one of those books you can write in inside. There were two words in it: Dig down.

    We dug down, all the way to the bedrock, which is further up in a flat world. When we got to the bottom, there was a two block hole right above the bedrock.

    I’m sorry, I need to stop. Can we continue this later?

    (REDACTED): I’m afraid not. Please return to your seat.

    Jackson: No. Let me go. I’ll be happy to talk with you about this at a later date but not now.

    (REDACTED): The door is locked, Jackson. We can’t let you leave until you tell us what you saw. 

    Jackson: I’m scared. I’m scared that if I tell you, you’ll see it too.

    (REDACTED): I promise, if you tell me, I won’t tell anyone. We think that what you saw could be its essence, it’s true form.

    Jackson: Fine. But you’re wrong.

    There was a player standing there. But I can’t remember what it looked like. Every time I try to imagine it in my mind, I see something else.

    (REDACTED): What is it you see?

    Jackson: I see people. Happy people. Having the best days of their lives. And then I see two things. Happiness, and sadness. Two worlds, two timelines almost, splitting into the best and worst days.

    And then I see everyone. Together. And I see that they all took the bad path. Every last one of them. And I see us all being tortured, by ourselves, the ones who took the good path.

    There is no it. There is only our perception of it. Some may call it evil, but it is only truth.

    (REDACTED): Thank you for your patience, Jackson. Unfortunately, you’re very unstable, and we will not be releasing you to the public. I don’t think that’s what you want either. Instead, we’re going to kill you. You’re going to feel very tired, and you’re going to fall asleep. And you won’t be waking up any time soon.

    Jackson: Thank you! Thank you sir! Thank you so much!

    Interview ended. 

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    • “Minecraft creepypasta”

      “Not technically about Minecraft”

      Pick one. This pasta clearly is about Minecraft; it mentions it by name and includes both Notch and the Ender Dragon. Sorry, but there’s no way this could be allowed on the site.

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