• Chat Board - April 22, 2014
    bacon22 is online.
    455tml is online.
    codfanlol is online.

    455tml: hey guys wht r u up 2?
    bacon22: nothin lols
    codfanlol: shut up im playin cod bo4 ur vibrating my phone >:(
    bacon22: why r u chatting den? :P
    codfanlol: just shut up lemme get back 2 my cod
    455tml: yea ok
    codfanlol is offline.
    455tml: im doing this stupid homework hbu bacon
    bacon22: yea i hear u. we have 2 take some exams soon lol
    codfanlol is online.
    bacon22: hey what do u want
    455tml: sigh hes always on and off :P
    bacon22: yea
    455tml: lol yea so i found this thing someone posted on the other chat board yesterday, here it is:
    bacon22: k brb lemme check it out
    455tml: cod is kinda quiet usually hes trash talking or some shit
    455tml: its meant to be scary btw :P
    codfanlol: sup dawg
    455tml: lol u were quiet 4 a sec
    codfanlol: stfu im eating pizza rolls
    455tml: there it is
    bacon22: wtf?! tml this is creepy its just faces mixed for 20 seconds
    455tml: ik i said its supposed 2 be scary :P
    bacon22: o so now we hopping on that scary and paranormal train?
    codfanlol: i guess lol. also stfu let me present something noobs
    bacon22: k
    455tml: yea alright i bet its just a hacker on ur game
    455tml: tornadoes?? yea ok
    bacon22: idk i got a bad feeling about this
    codfanlol: youll cry noobs
    bacon22 is offline.
    455tml: damn codfanlol u brought ur a-game
    codfanlol: damn right i did
    455tml: wtf thats weird tho
    codfanlol: yea the king
    455tml: also wtf why did bacon22 go offline suddenly
    codfanlol: idk he was probably doing dishes or some shit
    455tml: k well ima go do my hw cya i guess
    codfanlol: k ima horserace on cod rq cya bitch codfanlol is offline. 455tml is offline.

    Chat Board - April 23, 2014
    455tml is online.
    bacon22 is online.
    codfanlol is online.

    455tml: hey
    bacon22: wtf? why did u guys leave me
    455tml: When?
    bacon22: like yesterday?? i thought i told u brb
    codfanlol: yea idiot all u said was idk about this or something and left
    455tml: sigh
    bacon22: it said on my screen that i said brb
    455tml: stop lying
    codfanlol: yea stfu pls
    455tml: cod hes just trying to lie lol chill
    codfanlol: shouldve told me to chill a long time ago
    bacon22: guys just forget it..
    codfanlol is offline.
    legendary33 is online.
    bacon22: hey whos this legendary33 guy
    455tml: idk lol i just invited him
    bacon22: yknow my paranoia kicks in late at night right ;-;
    455tml: but its like 4:00pm?? what r u even anxious about??
    legendary33: hey guys
    455tml: hey u said u wanted an online chat place
    bacon22: omfg
    legendary33: whats wrong?
    455tml: hes just butthurt for some reason
    codfanlol is online.
    codfanlol: guys?? i found this scary fuckin thing just now on 4chan
    455tml: k
    legendary33: idk i dont wanna click on it..
    bacon22 is offline.
    455tml is offline.

    codfanlol: lmao it scared em so much they left the chat
    legendary33: im just gonna log off...
    legendary33 is offline.

    Chat Board - April 27, 2014
    legendary33 is online.
    codfanlol is online.
    455tml is offline.
    bacon22 is offline.

    codfanlol: okay ngl im a little spooked
    legendary33: same they havent responded or got online in 3 days
    codfanlol: -_-
    codfanlol: im just going to message them directly ig brb
    codfanlol is offline.
    legendary33: mk welp ill just go afk for a min
    codfanlol is online.
    codfanlol: wtf they blocked all their direct calls
    legendary33: oh ur back 
    legendary33: yea i dont get it i join and this thinking about joining a different chat board
    codfanlol: wait dont leave im kinda spooked...
    codfanlol: help
    legendary33: what do you need help with
    codfanlol: ;-;
    legendary33: WHAT DO YOU NEED?
    codfanlol: idk i feel vulnerable..
    legendary33: i think its ok codfan lol
    455tml is online.
    legendary33: oh hey
    codfanlol: nice
    455tml: hi
    codfanlol: hey ur back bitch its about time
    455tml: what happened to bacon tho he hasnt been active in 3 days
    legendary33: yea..creepy
    455tml: agreed?
    codfanlol: stfu ur probably just trying to scare us
    455tml: i cant stand you
    codfanlol: tml just stfu
    legendary33: bye
    legendary33 has left the chat completely.
    codfanlol: k i guess he left the complete board
    455tml: this hw today sucks!
    codfanlol: i thought u had a spring break period on the 24th?
    455tml: no? i said i had it on the 29th for a week lol. their just finishing work rn and collecting papers
    codfanlol: stfu? ok!
    455tml: christ i hope bacon is ok i cant stand being here in this chat just w/ u
    codfanlol is offline.
    455tml: btw, hear about that news post about someone missing?
    455tml: oh i guess he left
    codfanlol was kicked off the chat board.

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