• My name is Ethan, and I was like 14 back then, and I remember having two brothers whose names were Bilreky and Gerban, Bilreky was 13 and Gerban was 8-9 years old. I think our parents were in a restaurant.

    I was eating a chewing gum for quite some minutes now, and I was getting bored with it, so I spat the chewing gum in the trash can. It was summer, anyway I decided to see some drawings that I had made when I was 5, they were pretty good but were useless for me now, so I tore them apart and threw them in the trash. I was pretty bored and didn’t know what to do, suddenly Gerban entered my room and said:

    “Brother! Bilreky hit me, can you tell him something?”.

    I was pretty angry about what Bilreky did to my brother, so I said to him:

    “Wait here!”

    So I got to Bilreky’s room and said:

    “Why the fuck did you hit the little guy again?”

    Bilreky then answered by saying:

    “He is a stupid little moron!”

    We then started hitting each other, and a fight started between us, and we were like warriors in some way. After some time I pushed him very hard, and he fell and hit his hand, and I told him:

    “Come on man! Let’s stop this fucking shit! come on! Take my hand, and get up!”

    I then helped him get up by giving him a hand, and he got up.

    I said to him:

    “Come on! Let’s stop fighting!”

    Bilreky said:

    “Okay, I’m sorry I won’t hit Gerban again! I’m sorry for doing these fucking things!”

    I said to him:

    “Our parents told us to clean our rooms from old things, and we should probably do that now, come on!”

    He then followed me, and we got up in my room and took almost every old thing (my old toys, etc.) and put it in a bag, and we then went to Bilreky’s room and put his old things in the bag, and we then went to Gerban’s room, and Bilreky said to him:

    “Hey! Sorry, little brother, I won’t hit you again, but now help us take almost every old thing from your room!”

    He agreed, so we took almost every old thing from his room and put it in the bag, and We, then put the bag in a big metal box in our yard.

    Gerban said:

    “Some of my old toys are here, don’t I need them?”

    I said to him:

    “You’re a grown man Gerban, you don’t need them, and what you need to learn in this age is how to defend yourself!"

    I set the bag on fire as there were no trash cans (except one inside our house, in which I spat the chewing gum, but it was pretty small) near our house. Anyway, after some minutes, everything on the bag became ash.

    I said to Gerban:

    “Don’t be sad little buddy, because I will learn to you how to be a real warrior!”

    He then became pretty happy, so I started learning to Gerban how to fight.

    It took pretty long, but I eventually learned to him some fighting moves. It started getting dark outside, and I decided to go to bed as our parents were coming home soon.

    The next morning our parents told me to clean the garden, and so I did. I wore my tank-top (I didn’t want to make my other shirt dirty, so I wore my tank-top).

    As I was cleaning the garden, I heard my cousin’s/second cousin’s voice, and he was also named Ethan, and he was way taller than us, by the way.

    I asked him:

    “Why did you came?”

    He answered:

    “Oh, I just came to keep you company, I mean you are just sitting here, lonely in the garden!”

    I said to him:

    “I tried to learn my brother some fighting skills, but I mostly failed!”

    He said:

    “Well, I could break your brother out of an asylum and make him a killer if I ever wanted!”

    I said to him:

    “You’re becoming a little annoying, so can you please get out of here?”

    He said:


    And he left the house. I was sitting in my room again after I had cleaned the garden, and I was pretty tired.

    Suddenly the door of the room opened, and I saw my brother, but he was holding a knife which had blood on it.

    I asked him:

    “What the fuck happened! Why are you like that?”

    He said:

    “I killed Bilreky!”

    I said:

    “You must be joking!”

    But I’ve understood from my parents screams that he was not. He then started coming towards me, but I punched him, and he fell unconscious.

    Long story short, he ended up in an asylum.

    All these things happened back in 1962. In 1968, when I was 21 years old I decided to visit my brother in the asylum. But as I reached the building, I heard loud voices, and I saw a police van getting chased by policemen while someone drove it off the asylum. After it left, I runned towards some policemen, and asked them:

    “What happened?”

    They answered:

    “A man came here and broke out a patient named Gerban, he stole a police van that Gerban was in!”

    Ethan was probably was the driver of the police van and helped Gerban escape. Gerban may be a part of a cult now, likely punishing sinners because they are getting chipped. He gets in the house of sinners at midnight and cuts their necks. So be careful.

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    • This doesn't make much sense. Killer children warriors? What? 

      If this was centered around a couple of adults and their younger brother who's in his late teens or early twenties who's sheltered but has antisocial issues that would make more sense. That also should be set in like a dystopian future, or some time in the past, more than a hundred years back. With the family being something similar to the Sawyer clan from TCSM it would work even better, they can be just like these "odd rednecks" or "outsiders" depends on the setting you use. Got to make the cousin shady and full blown "evil" in a way. He takes away the youngest sibling, raising the suspicion of the older brothers and they end up looking for their youngest brother once they lose contact with him. In the end they find him turned into a monster commiting crimes against other humans. 

      You feel me? makes more sense, children being "warriors" sadly sounds like a joke at the expense of Joseph Koni, which is probably what you didn't intend here. 

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