• I live in a small and rural town in Kansas where everyone here is always pretty friendly. I was on my way home from school and everyone I walked by would smile and wave at me and I’d smile and wave back. I was very happy because the next day would be my birthday and me and my brother planned on sneaking out of the house tonight and bringing me with him, although he didn’t say what we’d be doing. When I got home my dad was cleaning his new shotgun. Most of my friends could tell you exactly what kind it was but I’m not that kind of person, although I do enjoy shooting it. My brother, Gabe, then ran down the stairs and came up to me and we went up to my room and started talking about what we were sneaking outside for tonight and he said it was to go and meet some friends in the woods and that we’d be taking Dad’s gun to show to them. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games with a few friends from my school until I fell asleep sitting there. Late last night, I was woken up by my brother saying that it was time for us to come outside with him so we could fulfill our plan. We’d have to carefully sneak out of the house and take the gun off of Dad’s gun rack without him noticing. We then came out of our rooms and into our parent's room. Only my dad was there because my mom works late now. Then we went over to the gun rack across the room from the bed. I tried grabbing it but Gabe quickly grabbed at it before me knocking it down. As soon as he did Gabe flinched away with a shocked look on his face. I managed to catch it before it hit the ground and we both ran out of the room. I then followed him outside and was immediately hit by the smell of rotten eggs I smell every night and the same awful smell I’ve smelled every night and sometimes in the day for years. I zoned out for a while thinking about the smell as we entered the woods and I didn’t start paying attention again until he shot Dad’s gun at something and missed. He then started furiously chasing it zig-zagging in whatever direction it went. It was amazing that he could even tell where it was darting off to in the dark as I was the one holding the flashlight. I chased after him but almost tripped several times in the pitch blackness of the woods as I kept shining the dim flashlight away from the ground and up at him to make sure I didn’t lose him. At some point, I got far behind Gabe but then I heard an odd bang. I ran towards it for a while and when I got there I found out that Gabe was at an abandoned shed. He said he had thrown the gun in frustration at an abandoned shed when what he thought was a coyote he shot at ran into a hole in the side of it. It was a shed that we used to play in when I was about 10. The smell was almost the strongest I’ve ever smelled it now. There was an odd sound that sounded like a grunt. We both looked at each other expecting the other to be the one that made the noise. I turned away from him and looked back at the shed and I saw a pair of eyes in the building. It didn’t scare me because I always saw pairs of eyes somewhere in the forest, usually from a bird or someone’s dog that ran loose. But then I realized these eyes were higher than a dog and I remembered that there was nowhere for a bird to perch in there. They were looking at me directly. Gabe turned away right as I shined a flashlight and saw it. It looked like a person in a monkey mask but something about it was a bit off. The creature raised his slim finger to it’s parched lips of its mask telling me to be silent. It then lunged at Gabe insanely fast. My brother instinctively shot at it and it stumbled for a second giving my brother time to start running. My brother ran a little bit before the creature got on all fours and charged again. It grabbed Gabe in a headlock with his fingernails digging into his neck. Blood started dripping from his neck as his face turned red. Tears came down his face. He was begging me to help him but I just started shaking harder than I ever have before. The creature then stood there staring at me and the mask’s expression seemed to change into a grin. It seemed like it was mocking me for not helping my brother. It then slashed my brother’s neck wide open and ran off. I then ran as fast as I could in the dark towards my house but fell to the ground. The last thing I remember is seeing my dad approaching me before I then woke up on my couch with both my parents sitting near me. They told me about how it was an urban legend around the town that their parents had told them about when they were younger and that it’s known for mostly attacking teens and sometimes attacking people younger or older. They didn’t believe in it until Dad saw it run away when they ran into the woods looking for us. “Be careful, it usually likes to stay behind you, making you paranoid,” my Dad spoke in a serious tone. After that, we were both completely silent until I smelled that rotten egg smell again told him I felt like I was gonna throw up and he went to get a trash can so I wouldn’t puke on the floor. I then looked through an open window and at a shed in the backyard. It’s standing there looking at me with Gabe’s blood on the mask. Today’s my 13th birthday.

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