"Through the Darkness" was the name of the lost track from Arnej, Producer of the Year for 2008. The track was uploaded onto Monstercat after "Another World" by Obsidia (Another World was later released on Monstercat 002 - Early Stage). The track was only up for an hour. There were no views, no likes, no dislikes, and no comments. The only thing that the video had was a small 'x' where the counter should have been.

The track was taken down due to rendering issues, because the video would not pass 38 seconds, which is where the intro ends. It would always stop and buffer, no matter how many times you reset your Internet or rewound the video, hoping that it would buffer. After countless re-uploads, Mike Darlington (CEO of Monstercat) could not find a solution to this problem. Instead, he took down the video permanently.

A week later, the track reappeared, however the title was just a plain 'x'. So was the description, the likes, dislikes, comments, everything. The related videos were all the same, "[Trance] Arnej - Through the Darkness [Monstercat Release]".

Upon clicking the video, the title would immediately change to an 'x'. Inspecting element would instantly crash your browser.

Many people tried to get past 38 seconds, but nobody could... except for one..

The video was re-uploaded but began at 39 seconds in. However, YouTube's background was black, and where the logo would normally be in the top, there was just a dark red x. The track was immediately taken down and forgotten about for a year.


Lost Release

On July 8th, 2013, the track was re-uploaded but with a tag next to the title saying "Intro Mix". People claimed that the cat in Monstercat's logo next to the artist's logo would not be there, just a blue X. When the track ended, your browser would crash. Upon relaunching, your browser background would be a small, red X upon a black background.

Two days later, the track was taken down for a copyright claim from "x". The verify button was not there, but was replaced with an x. X was the null value, a place holder for code. Clicking the button would just place a .txt on your desktop. Your computer would crash upon opening or modifying the file.

Everything was forgotten, until a week later when somebody (not mentioning any names) asked a question. That question was "Can you guys shed some light on "Through the Darkness"? It's been appearing all over my sub feed and it won't go away! No matter how many times I click it, nothing happens!"

Monstercat responded with:

"TwoThirds took down the track due to some EQ'ing issues but it'll be back up soon. The track was removed a lot due to upload issues but it should clear up eventually. Sorry!"

Two thirds...

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