Earl had discovered his power on a regular day, much like today. It was a fairly cloudy Saturday, Earl had just awoken at 11:23, sleeping in as usual on a weekend, and had went to start his late scheduled consisting of making breakfast and watching crime shows. He lifted his toast to his mouth, before quickly realizing he forgot butter!

He got up, started towards the fridge and tripped. He closed his eyes, expecting the dull slam of his forehead onto the fridge door, Instead of the sudden unexpected surprise.

He fell to the floor, through the fridge and wall. He got up and stared in amazement... This had never happened before! This... was impossible and yet... it happened!

"Holy shit," he exclaimed aloud, before deciding to try again. He reached through the fridge door, he walked through walls, he walked through closed doors and passed through whatever items he saw.

For the next week he used his new found power for meager things, like grabbing stuff through closed doors and other such things but soon, his mind flashed bright with a new idea.

A bank robbery, a most wonderful, perfect, unsolvable crime! He'd be able to pull it off perfectly, no imaginable repercussions! He went to bed and thought up the plan before falling asleep.

The next morning Earl had gotten dressed and immediately left for the soon to be scene of the crime; The bank. It was Christmas day, he knew it was closed.

He slipped around the back and through the wall, making his way half way out the solid steel wall, before his body wouldn't move further. He tried and tried to push through, without any luck. The sudden horror struck him and a cold, harsh chill ran down his spine. "I-im stuck!" he thought aloud with new found panic. "I can't walk through walls any more, I can't move, I'm going to die here!" His mind rushed in horror.

He tried to no avail to move his body, just an inch, a centimeter... His limbs wouldn't move. Only his chest, face and neck could move, as those were the only parts exposed on the opposing side of the wall.

Oh yes, it was quite a regular day as Earl succumbed to septic shock in that cold, steel wall that protected the dark, money filled vault.

And it was a regular day as a man opened the bank vault, only to find his body wide eyed, stiff with rigor mortis, staring at him grimly from the wall. And how the death went unsolved by the police.

Quite a regular day.

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