Who am I to say what’s going on in the world is wrong. Sure there’s things that need to change, but for the most part we’re living in the best time to be alive. Crime is at a low, there’s more food than ever before, and sickness has been handled. Science has come a long way to handle most of our problems, but there are a few that it can’t solve.

The other night I was watching the news: ISIS attacks, kids shooting each other, and the third victim this week was claimed by the newest person trying to be the next Zodiac or Jack the Ripper. His trademark is to skin his victim’s backs. God knows what the hell he does with that.

It won’t last though, they never do. Most times they get locked up, but a few don’t. There’s a few out there that evade the law, which is a feat in and of itself. But the good ones just seem to fade into the background. Maybe they’ll pop back up in a few years. Murder some random pedestrian or a whore, using their trademark of course. But the cops almost always think it’s a copycat killer. Shame.

I have a feeling this one won’t be caught, though. That’s not to say he’ll be remembered long, in fact, I’m pretty sure it’ll be the opposite. I’m pretty sure he will just become a footnote in the history of serial killers. He’s too smart for the cops, but not smart enough to stop. And that leads down a dangerous road.

Truthfully, this guy disgusts me. Not so much the murders, but the idea of him breaking into someone’s house, that’s a special kind of scumbag. Just like a common thief. He’s a disgrace.

Anyway, I know he’ll stop before too long. You see, I’m looking for him, and this time I think I’ve gotten him. He’s in the basement right now, bound and gagged. I hope it’s him at least. We’ll see. I’ve got the perfect way to tell, you see, when I kill this scumbag, I’m going to flay his back just like he does to all his victims. I know, there’s a danger of getting the wrong person, but that’s okay, they're guilty of something. Besides, I’ll know soon enough 'cause as soon as I get the right one, there’ll be no more murders like his. Because I’ll be able to stop, I always do.

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