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It’s night time. You’re in bed, trying to get some sleep. The TV is on. You’ve got it on the lowest volume setting so as you don’t wake your parents, the flickering light emitting from it is rebounding around the room, changing the shape of the shadows all around you and playing hell with your mind. Stupid you has already switched the lights off, and the switch is on the other side of the room.

You’re scared. Images of demons and ghostly spectres wash through your mind, your heart pounds like the fall of a hammer on an anvil. Why oh why did you read all those Creepypastas? You kick yourself for being such an idiot, and roll over to try and get some sleep.

Then it happens. Almost as soon as you close your eyes. A thump, sounding almost like it came from down the hall. You open your eyes and sit up cautiously. Probably your brother falling out of bed or something. You roll back over and shut your eyes again. Another Thump. This time closer. ‘It’s my brother. Or my cat. Or my parents. Or something.’ Thump. Right outside your room. You sit up and look at the door defiantly. The TV is still on. The door stays shut.

Then you have a great idea. You grab the TV remote and turn the volume up. You start to feel better as the sounds of human voices enter your ears. You roll back over and close your eyes again. Then you realise how stupid you were. Then, and only then, do you realise.

If the volume’s been turned up, how are you going to hear the last thump?

Credited to Azdrazlarr