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"Dr. Wagner, I believe your mission is clear. We have perfected the time machine, and it is finally time to do what nobody could do back 100 years ago. You will be the man to kill Hitler and stop World War 2. The machine can get you to the approximate era, certainly enough to kill the man in your lifespan, and we have given you all the training you need to create a false identity. The lives of countless people are in your hands now. Godspeed, Dr. Wagner."

Dr. David Wagner was strangely fairly excited for his time travel mission. He had been given his mission by the American president, to use the newly cultivated time machine technology and kill Hitler. When the mission had been announced, he had jumped at the opportunity, to see what it was like. But now he had his opportunity. He could see the Weimar Republic, the Spartacists Revolt, maybe even the end of World War 1 if he was early enough. So with everything he would need, he apprehensively approached the machine that was supposed to throw him through a rip in time.

Two weeks later, the President made his first announcement since the one in which he revealed the mission, and the public was ecstatic to find out the results. The President sighed, and began his speech.

"To begin my statement, the time travel department of the ministry has been annulled, concerning events of the mission. A tragedy has happened, one I feel entirely responsible for. As you know, two weeks ago, we sent a man of the name David Wagner to kill Hitler. We received a single message when he arrived, with 3 words. ‘He’s not here.’ That was the last we heard of David Wagner. He cut contact."

A hush fell over the crowd. Nobody could expect what their president said next.

"David was someone passionate about the mission, and it appears that I am not as good a judge of character as I thought I was. From what I understand, David made a false identity, but not the one we expected. We sent back a man to kill Hitler, but instead he became him. We have an untracked dictator who apparently committed suicide. But Hitler was only apparently in his 50s when he died, and we gave him the key to the time travel technology. If he was able to craft himself into the identity of one of the most vicious warlords in history, just imagine what else he could achieve some time else?"

His final word spoken, the President walked off stage, to the fearful silence of a shocked audience.