It was just kneeling there. It hadn’t moved for… minutes? Hours? I wasn’t even sure how long I’d been there watching this… thing. A shivering mass of flesh and hair, its head bowed into its knees. Slowly, so slowly you hardly noticed anything at all, the head of the creature began to rise. I wanted to run.

My entire being was drenched in sweat, as the being looked straight at me, its defiant unblinking eyes staring into mine. It’s mouth began to open, slowly, slowly, like the creature was using every fibre of his being to say something; I didn’t wait. This time, I turned; sprinting out of the door I entered from.

I ran down a mass of identical corridors, each wall the same, a single window letting seldom light through, until I finally reached an open door. I collapsed into the corner, dropping to my knees and letting my head droop. I began to cry; I couldn’t help myself.

It was hopeless. I heard the lightning fast sprinting, coming down the same hallways I’d traversed myself moments before. The demon was chasing after me, and soon enough it would be here; and soon enough, the footsteps stopped.

I opened my eyes wide, hands and body shivering, to see a shrouded figure standing in the doorway. I opened my mouth to scream, but my muscles were aching all over.

This man could help me fight the creature! He might know what was going on! It took forever to unhinge my jaw, and just as I was about to speak, the figure turned and left. I was alone to fight the demon.

And it was then that I understood. This was no creature. I was being chased down by the only true demon that plagued me.





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