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We all fear things, but can we say we have experienced true fear?

For example, you are downstairs, on your computer when the news comes on the TV, you sit and watch intently as the newscaster tells you the scores of your favorite sporting events and the average cutesy story followed by news on how the politicians have messed up.

You are about to go to bed when the news comes back on, they're talking about riots, caused by a massive breakout at the local prison; murderers, rapists and madmen are free and are roaming the town. You hear noises outside and duck down, then turn off the TV and computer followed by all the lights so as not to attract the attention of the people outside.

You slowly make it up stairs, moving quickly past your glass front door, and as you rush through the hall you see the outlines of people slowly walking up your driveway. You hold your breath and sprint up the stairs, then run into your room, pull the curtains shut and leap into bed and hide under the covers. You bury your head into the pillow and cry softly, hoping and praying that it will be over soon, reassuring yourself over and over, however, something unknown to you is persistently nagging at your composure.

You suddenly sit bolt-upright as you hear something, then at that exact moment, it dawns on you — the most horrific realisation you could imagine — and you finally understand; you finally experience true fear.

You didn't lock the door.