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Without warning, a typical sunny Tuesday ended in complete disaster.

On the sidewalk of a rural neighborhood, an up-and-coming magician perplexed his neighbor with his newest tricks. The first - and last - trick he'd ever see was a disappearing quarter that blew his mind; so much so that the entire neighborhood could hear the deafening bang from inside their houses, and the poor magician was left without an audience...and a splitting headache that tore him in half.

Billy and Bob, two clumsy workers at a family steakhouse, had failed to drain the mop properly before cleaning the kitchen floor. They both shuffled across as carefully as they could, fresh meals in hand, before inevitably slipping on their backs and splattering food everywhere. Bob, the larger of the two, felt his backside grow numb as Billy panicked and saw blood flowing quickly from his pants. Their manager, finished with a quick text, returned to his delicious meal when he noticed two oddly shaped mounds of meat on his plate.

At a middle school classroom, a boy ignored the warnings of his elderly teacher as they went off about the consequences of cheating. The boy subtly retorted with a callous throwing gesture, and when he looked back at the teacher, they were laying on the floor while some classmates rose from their seats to get help. Of course, some of the students who shot up from their seats smashed their heads on the ceiling, leaving the rest of the class screaming in horror.

A couple on the brink of their breakup had a shouting match in their cooped-up apartment over some suspicious texts. The woman who shouted at the top of her lungs saw her organs burst through her chest as her trachea stretched to her knees while each lung wrapped around her feet. At the same time, the man who screamed his head off fired it right out of the living room window and into the skies above, sharing with the world a bloody and cacophonous rant.

At a board meeting, a middle-aged CEO grew mildly frustrated at his chattering employees. As he lowered his hands to quiet the room, he could see their bodies being crushed beneath them like crude accordions. The janitor would have a busy afternoon, to say the least.

At a backyard gender reveal, a couple had the cute idea of using a piñata filled with blue or pink candies to make it known what name would take the sixth spot in the family: Jake or Jasmine. The two however, already had three daughters to feed, so when the piñata yielded blue mints, many of their friends and relatives were electrocuted to high heaven.

By the end of the day, the world was in flames. Over 80% of the world's population had died from mysterious causes and the chaos that followed, while the raging inferno left the skies black and starless. A young girl, watching the madness continue from her window, sighed and wondered what else the world would fall into.

And in a moment’s time, she was lifted from the wooden floor.