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I can't exactly say I'm the smartest person but I'm pretty daring. So when my friends told me about the old mine, I was ready. I mean, the place is very dark- and it's not exactly a tourist attraction, so I'll be pretty alone here. But what the hell? I can't lose my status. As I've already said, I'm not smart. So even when I found ripped clothing on the ground, I continued. So, so dumb. When I had decided to enter, I wasn't seeing anything. Just dark, creeping around with my flashlight- all alone. Or so I thought. The railways and minecarts were old, and kind of decaying? I don't really know the term. There was rust on the wheels, and I heard something. A rip. Almost like clothing, but much louder.

After that, silence. I pulled out my old camera and recorded. The tunnels were endless. What I didn't expect was the futuristic facility door. I didn't even get 5 feet close to it, but it opened. Nothing was there and it was still dark. I heard the rip again. It soon repeated. Rip. Rip. RRRRRIP! The last one sort of made my ears tingle. I walked further and found a human.

The human's eyes were gouged out. No trace of them. The mouth was slit open to be an extremely gaping circle that was at least a foot wide. The body was twisted, and of course, ripped. The blood seeping from the clothes and meat had chunks of organ hiding within. For once I decided not to be an idiot and bolted. Faster than I had ever ran before, I sprinted. The walls were seeping with flesh chunks moving around like caterpillars, and the twisted, tree shaped man approached. I escaped the mine and ran back home quick. The grass felt like it would trip me. I approached my porch, looked behind me, and saw the human wasn't there.

This traumatized me. So much. I'm really just glad I'm alive, and I deeply regret going there like the idiot I am. But what the hell? I'm alive, and that's what matters- the price is just the memory.