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Thomas ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to his father's room. He told him there was a monster under his bed. Thomas' father, Greg, told him that monsters weren't real, and that he had better go back to bed.

"But, Daddy, there's a monster under the bed, and he has glowing green eyes! Please, look." Thomas spoke in a whisper as if not to be heard.

Wanting to just go back to bed Greg grabbed his hand and took him to his bedroom.

"Nooo!" Thomas said as hysterical as he could be in a whisper.

"Why are you whispering, Thomas? Stop that."

"He can hear us," he whispered back.

Greg just rolled his eyes and took Thomas to his room. He looked under the bed, in the closet; hell, he even looked out the window. And guess what? No monster.

"See, son? It was all just in your imagination." He held up two glow in the dark ping-pong balls as he tucked his son in.

"Ohhh," Thomas exclaimed still in a hushed tone.

Greg had snatched the ping-pong balls off his nightstand just before he left his room. Nothing like a little white lie to help set a child's mind at ease.

Thomas got a goodnight kiss from his father and off to sleep he went thinking it was all just in his head. Greg, seeing that his trick worked, smiled and left to get back to bed. However, not thirty minutes had gone by and Thomas was back at his father's bedside telling him there was a monster under his bed.

"Daddy, there's a monster under the bed and he's drooling," Thomas whispered. His voice was so low Greg could barely hear him at all.

"For the last time, there is no monster under the bed!" Greg said in nearly a shout. "Now go to your room and go to sleep, now!"

"But Daddy... look." Thomas was near shaking as he held out his hand to show his dad the ping-pong balls. Greg looked at them and was suddenly terrified, not because Thomas had found out about the trick he played, but because he wasn't just showing him the balls. He was pointing under his father's bed.

"Come he--" That was all Greg could get out before two black hands grabbed Thomas' feet and took him under his father's bed.

He cried out a single yelp as he was taken under. His father reached for him, but the hands moved so quick and it all was so sudden that he couldn't reach him in time. Greg fell onto his head reaching for his boy to no avail. When he looked under the bed he found nothing. Even when he was falling, his eyes met the other side of the wall. Thomas was gone.

Written by Brainstorm360
Content is available under CC BY-SA