A-3 Loki

aka Nero

  • I live in Rather not say now.
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is Psychology Student


I have been attending the University of Michigan for a while now, and I have a business degree so far. I'm aspiring to be a type of Psychologist. I enjoy reading as I've read Dante's Inferno, Ulysses, and Catcher in the Rye, and I enjoy writing fantasy or horror stories. I'm a programmer of AI on a program called Mugen and on most video games, I enjoy anime, playing video games (mostly RPG, strategy, psychological horror or fighting), and listening to rock/metal music often. Another hobby consists of reading, drawing, and playing puzzles.

Knowledge of psychology and some art is my specialty as I enjoy studying more about them. I also know some fundamentals German language and culture. Aside from that, I like reading about mythological and occult-themed content. Thus, I came here to read stories relevant to any of these details, but with an insidious atmosphere.

Yours, A-3 Loki

Review Process

I review using a systematic process:

  1. I will review really short stories, however, it will be limited.
  2. I will answer your concerning questions first on your story.
  3. I will give my feedback on the plot as well as I can, without trying to be too critical.
  4. I will point out the grammar errors I see.
  5. I will offer miscellaneous feedback or critique to the story.

Story Attractions and Deterrents


  • A build up to dread
  • Main Character(s) who are unique
  • Plot fits into that universe
  • Humanistic characters
  • Good description that fits into the story
  • Psychological, scientific, or mysticism
  • Historical of real-life details


  • Illogical plot (does not fit in with the rest)
  • Pointlessly using sex with characters or too much sex
  • Generic ghost depiction, unless it ties well into the plot
  • Pointless murder with no psychological bases
  • Feces (unless needed to plot)
  • Characters doing dumb things with no developed reason
  • Too much bad grammar unless American English is not natural language, if so, then I'll help.

Published/Currently Writing



  • [Untitled story]


  • Adel Viser
  • Alexander Rhys
  • Cedrick
  • Ethan Viser

Stories Read

  • Dune
  • The Lurking Fear
  • Shadowy Street
  • The Temple
  • The Suffering
  • Monster Maker
  • The Call of Cthulhu
  • The Dunwich Horror
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • A Slow Day in Hell
  • The Conqueror Worm
  • Mendoza
  • Master's Thesis
  • The Testament of Magdalene Blair
  • Repeating Echo
  • Bloody Kiss

Art Work

Ghost or Widerganger Ethan

This is the antagonist from the Terror Below story. I drew it for fun and to give an idea of what he looks like. The story he is part of does not focus on him, but he is in it.

Ghost Hand from Vent

This is a ghost hand I made for fun. Don't know what to use it for, though.

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