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This is my personal Creepypasta editing blog page. I use this website to share some of my ideas with other people, and get constructive, and critical feedback for all of them. I write mostly short stories, but not all of them are Creepypastas.

One day I may possibly consider doing audiobook recordings of some of my own works, and some of my other favourites. It depends on whether I can get my hands on some great recording equipment.

Most of my writing style is based on the Gothic Horror genre that was prevalent in the 19th century. My subject matters, on the other hand, are mainly inspired from real events that have happened through history. Then there are other stories which are based on interesting dreams that I once had.

If you like what you see here, then please do visit my website via the link up above, to see my body of other works which are not creepypastas!

My Stories

Warning: These stories are are not for the faint-hearted, as they are so spooky, they will send shivers down your spine...

...Dare you venture through my corpus?

1. "Geraldine" Atkins

  • Synopsis: Just who is the mysterious “Geraldine” Atkins; why does he decide to kidnap a teenage girl, and what is his story?

2. He That Judgeth Me Is the Lord

  • Synopsis: A young charity worker, struggling to cope with the sad death of the girl he loved so dearly, turns to God for help.

3. Grill Harry (A Creepypasta Original)

  • Synopsis: When a young man decides to go on a road trip through the Deep South with his friends, he stumbles across a remote town in the countryside with an unusual name...

Creepypasta Shorts

1. The Bus Stop

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