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  • My occupation is A spy that tapes mouth and scribbles truth with lies
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If you're trying to stalk me, stop it.
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I need something to sing about.
—Hayley Williams, Crushcrushcrush

Hi <insert name here>! Welcome to my profile! To share a little bit of myself, I'm from the Philippines. Other than that, I'm just a simple teenager that has a simple dream: To meet Hayley Williams and by any chance... Hopefully, become a rock-star myself.

The reason why I joined this wiki is aside from I love horror-related things, I love stories (especially horror) as well as writing (Although I'm not that good with writing haha). But sometimes I scare myself by reading too much horror stories. Wanna make me happy? Bring me to a Paramore concert.


Yeah, that's me.

The kind of people I hate are:

1. The ones that destoy/prevent me from meeting that simple dream of mine.

2. The ones that hurt my friends.

3. People that waste my time.

4. People who can't define the difference between real and shit music.

5. People who overuse their power.

6. I 100% hate people who are SO goddamn fake.

7. People who are too dramatic.

8. Attention seekers.

9. I don't like people who aren't honest with me.

10. Annoying people aka people who talk non-sensible shit that go nowhere.

The kinds of people I like and make friends/get along with:

1. People who are nice to me (I would be glad to return the favor if you are nice to me).

2. Humble.

3. Non-tyrannical-power-using people.

4. Friendly people.

5. People who likes good music and prefers real music.

6. People who like Paramore.

7. People that aren't bitchy to me or to my friends.

8. People who believe in themselves.

9. People with commonsense is great.

10. People who think before they speak (in this case, type).


Aaaaaaand BAM eargasms!!


My Friends


1.Thizzy/Thizzeh/Thizzydessity o' Mantern (WhyAmIReadingThis) ***

2.Cymbalestic/Crashoomba/Crashoombalestic (CrashingCymbals)  **

3.Skelleh/Skelelehtuns (LOLSKELETONS) *

4.Necz/Cap (Necra/Cap'n Jack Harkness)  **

5.Professor Lei Sama/Prof Lei/Cookie God (Lei Omaki) ***

6.Killeh/Kill (Kill1mes) **

7.Prami/Pramz/Pram (Pramirez351) ***

8.Bubblez/Subz/Subject (Subject M Test 2)*

9.One/Le-one (The-one123)**

10.Aron (Child of Mantra)*

12.Leet/Leetz/Leht/Leeht (DehLeetGuy) **

13.414 (41488p) *

14.SPH/Carcino/Carci (CarcinoGenticist)**

15.Dervie/Dervz (Dervall) **

16.Horror/Horrie (Horrorfan1)**

17.Brooke/Brookeh-sama (BrookeBattlesAgainst)**

18.Sep/Septo (Septogram7)

19.Vamps/Vampeh/Vampires (VampiresWillNeverHurtYou) ***


  • Close Friends

** - Best Friends

*** - Best Best Friends

About Me


Describe myself? Uh... well... I uh... This is a really hard question, damn. Well, I'm a certified Parawhore along with some of my friends in my friends list (Namely, Dervall, and Brooke). During chat, I give many references of Paramore like actually quoting the lyrics and communicating with others using them (most of the time). I do this like every time so please forgive me if you're getting sick of it (You can't blame me!).

Hmm what else... I don't care if people say they don't like me, I wake up to live my life not to impress them, I'm fairly welcoming most of the time, I'm talkative on chat, but I'm a bit quiet in real life, I try to be friendly, some say I'm nice, I help out others, I stay away from people who like bad music, I share things that are worthy of being talked about (Paramore's one of them, but only if there are people that like Paramore and they're on).

I guess that's it.


Without video games my life can be compared to a cave man's... I love playing video games, especially horror, and action. Anyway, here's a list of my favorite games:

1.Resident Evil (2, 4, 6, DSC, Outbreak series)


Tea time during video game time is a great time...

2.Lollipop Chainsaw

3.Silent Hill (3 is my favorite)

4.Dead or Alive (3, 4, 5)

5.Rule of Rose

6.Clock Tower

7.Haunting Ground

8.Fatal Frame (one of the scariest games in history)



11.Amnesia: The Dark Descent

12.Penumbra: The Black Plague


14.Happy Wheels

15.Ninja Gaiden

16.God of War

17.Tomb Raider


19.Alone in the Dark


When I was in fourth grade I got a "Best in Arts" award. It's actually one of my hobbies, I draw. A LOT. At one point I wanted to be an artist. Until at one point, I knew I wanted to be in a band and be a rock star instead.


</span>Yeah secretly I love singing. I love singing around my friends since I'm comfortable with them with some things I can do. I don't like singing around my family. Not a very remarkable singer really.</span>

</span><u style="font-style:inherit;color:blue;">My vocal range? Well some say I'm a not lower than Bruno Mars but I can sing Paramore's Decoy in my Falsetto. Bruno Mars is a C6 and I think it's weird that my Falsetto can go to the highest note in Paramore's Decoy which is D5 (girly vocal range I have, I KNOW DON'T RUB IT IN MY FACE). *crosses fingers* Hoping it's not a bad thing.</span>


615348181 1353975972

Like every teenager, I like music (Alternative Rock usually) but every once in a while, I listen to other rock genres but I mostly stay on Alternative Rock, not into screamo and metal, everyone's listening to metal and screamo so I thought I'll go a little different, it's good to challenge the grain and go against what's normal.

I like music, I'm sorry that'll never change... Unless catastrophic music (aka shitty music) takes over the world of music, well there's gonna be some change lol. Here's a list of the bands I like:

  • Paramore (obviously)
  • New Found Glory 
  • Maroon 5
  • Goo Goo Dolls
  • Hinder  
  • Aerosmith 
  • Simple Plan 
  • The Corrs 
  • Smash Mouth 
  • AC/DC
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Green Day
  • Blink-182
  • My Chemical Romance
  • The All American Rejects
  • Evanescence
  • Deep Purple
  • Guns N' Roses
  • Maragold
  • Muse
  • Fall Out Boy
  • System Of A Down
  • Linkin Park
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Three Days Grace
  • Set Your Goals
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Sum 41

Favorite Paramore Songs


Paramore you say? Well almost all of their music is my favorite. But here's a list of my personal favorite Paramore songs in no particular order:

  • Miracle
  • My Heart
  • Brighter
  • Careful
  • Born For This
  • Conspiracy
  • When it Rains
  • Fences
  • Misery Business
  • Ignorance
  • Crushcrushcrush
  • The Only Exception
  • That's What You Get
  • Decode
  • Playing God
  • Still Into You
  • Pressure
  • Halellujah
  • Monster
  • Brick By Boring Brick
  • All We Know
  • Emergency
  • For a Pessimist I'm pretty Optimistic
  • Ain't it Fun

Well if you're gonna ask me what's my most favorite Paramore song, it'll be Misery Business. It's the Paramore song I can headbang just like Hayley. My other most favorites are Playing God, That's What You Get, Ignorance, Monster, The Only Exception, Crushcrushcrush.

Quotes and lyrics



  1. "I love using big words to sound smart... I mean like, utilizing gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence."
  2. "Some say it's not nice for a teenager like me to use profanity. Well I don't give a flying shit..."
  3. "Bring it on douchebag! I'm gonna EFF. YOU. UP!!"


  1. "Second chances they don't ever matter people never change. Once a whore you're nothing more I'm sorry that'll never change!" - Misery Business
  2. "And about forgiveness we're both supposed to have exchanged, I'm sorry honey but I passed it up. NOW LOOK THIS WAY!" - Misery Business
  3. "You say that I've been changing, that I'm not just simply aging. Yeah how could that be logical, Just keep on cramming ideas down mr throat." -  Playing God
  4. "Next time you point a finger I'll point you to the mirror." - Playing God
  5. "It has to be so lonely, to be the only one who's holy." - Playing God
  6. "It's just my humble opinion, but it's one that I'm believing. You don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you" - Playing God
  7. "You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me, then sentence me to another life."  - Ignorance
  8. "And that was the day that I promised... I'd never sing of love, if it does not exist." - The Only Exception</span>
  9. "Maybe I know somewhere, deep in my soul that love never lasts. And we've got to find other ways to make it alone, or keep a straight face.  And I've always lived like this, keeping a comfortable distance. And up until now I have sworn to myself that I'm content... with loneliness. Because none of it was ever worth the risk."  - The Only Exception
  10. "I've got a tight grip on reality but I can't let go of what's in front of me here. I know  you're leaving in the morning when you wake up, leave me with some kind proof it's not a dream" - The Only Exception
  11. "They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth their lies... you little spies" -crushcrushcrush
  12. "I'd rather waste my life pretending, than have to forget you for one whole minute" - crushcrushcrush
  13. "Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone. Just the one, two of us who's counting on!" - crushcrushcrush
  14. "Rock and roll baby, don't you know that. We're all alone now, I need something to sing about" - crushcrushcrush
  15. "The truth is hiding in your eyes, and it's hanging on your tounge. Just boiling in my blood. But you think that I can't see" - Decode
  16. Her prince finally came to save her. And the rest you can figure out. - Brick by Boring Brick
  17. Ba-da-ba-bada-ba-ba-da - Brick by Boring Brick

Written Pastas

These are my pastas... You can read them if you want to.

  1. Head on the Mirror (OC)
  2. The Man in the Abandoned House  (Another OC yay!)
  3. Asylum Encounter (Trust me, this shit sucks)
  4. Black Coat and Red Eyes  (New one)

Fave Stories


  1. The Expressionless
  2. Amelia's Revenge
  3. Arizona
  4. The Screamer's Forest
  5. Psychologist
  6. Alarm

Photos (leedleedleedleedleDEE!!!)

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