Aeternum Nox

aka Josh

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is Devouring the souls of the innocent.
  • I am feeding the fears of children.
  • Bio Forged in the depths of mire and darkness, the pen I write with had the power to make all stories come out and evoke the deepest set feeling of mediocrity.
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Hey <insert name here>! Thanks for taking the time to check out the revamped profile to match the reimagined self. I've been a member, off and on, since late in 2014. But I had this tendency to vanish for weeks at a time and return, vanish again and return. Wash, rinse, repeat. However, now with infinitely more stability, I hope to be spending a whole lot more time on here. Plus, once I find my video camera, I may start doing narrations of my more favorite pastas on YouTube. Been wanting to get into that.

Most of the writing I've done has been a mix of external struggle and internal. But as I read somewhere *cough cough, the old "Beginner's Writing Tips" that was linked on the main page, cough,* If it doesn't scare you, it won't scare your reader. And I've grown up on horror and scary movies and books.

My earliest memory involving movies was watching the original Resident Evil at five years old. First book I read outside of school and the typical Dr. Seuss books when young was The Pit and the Pendulum. So little scares me. (Not brave or anything. Just desensitized to it all.) But the one fear I have is dementophobia. Which is fear of insanity or going insane. Essentially, I can never fathom losing my mental faculties. The thing I use to create my identity.

Anyways, moving on! Now that I work night shift, I'm able to spend time outside at 3 in the morning. And it's wonderful. I lost a lot of my writing (I always prewrite everything on pen and paper) and the NEPA flood of 2011 destroyed most of it. Even my favorite work which I even typed, printed and submitted to my highschool newspaper. I'll try to recreate it at some point, but it'll never be the same. Hopefully you can enjoy the works I post.

 Here's a list of the pastas I've posted:

Theory of the Afterlife (wish I could delete this one; slipshod attempt at social engineered mind games from a youth who needed to not fit in. Every cliche ever.)

I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire

For now, love and peace guys!  

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