Me, during my break at work.

My name is Agnerstein, but I go by many names. My REAL name, happens to be Trityn, but my closest friends call me Orian (inside joke). I like to take time out of my day and make sweet, sweet love to... I mean. I like to post some stories here and there, and I would like to continue doing so. You people make my day, (except the people that bitch and complain, no offense.) and there is a warm spot in my heart, just for you guys and this site.


One of my favorite drawings.

My Favorite People

These guys make my days easier on me.

  • Cassu~: My sister :3 I still luff chu more.
  • ChaoZStrider: The best person anyone could ask for.
  • Squidoo~: Funniest person I have met in a while, and really nice to talk to. ^_^
  • Wabbit: The little guy knows his anime. ^_^
  • ICihter: This isn't Tuna. 
  • WhyAmIReadingThis: You are an amazing Admin, Nick.
  • Killsy~: You are Porny's >:D
  • Callie: Mai Sissu~ :3
  • Jim: JimJim!
  • Wolfen: Why is your voice so amazing?!
  • Maria: The best person to ask about technology.
  • Azera: My Favorite newbie. :3
  • Finn: FINNEH~
  • Weaver: Weaver, you are weird and funny.
  • Autumn: The lonely nipple.
  • Brookeh: Y u be so crazy. c:
  • NOWS: I miss you Q~Q
  • Plank: You crazy bish~
  • Mike: Strict as hell at times, but fun to talk to.
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