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I suggest you read these stories:

Scrap-Metal Soul

Finding Good Food in France is Hard

Locked Doors

What Makes a Vampire Laugh


Things I've writteneded on this site:

Still Winter

The Chosen One

Behind You

The Lords of Bakersfield

Always the Quiet Ones

If you want to narrate them, you can (with attribution); to my knowledge, they're all under CC-BY-SA. If you think they suck, that's okay too. They were mostly written by my dumb teenage self, and I will gladly join you in pointing and laughing at that person.

Things BALEETED that I've writteneded:

Death and The Silver Prison

Diary from a Dead Planet

Lemons are Sweeter in Sweden

Moose Crossing

I Hope You Win (unfortunately lost the link to this one and can't seem to find it anywhere)

Most of these were deleted because of the rule changed on quality standards (looking back, they kinda suck) or the rule change on trollpastas back in 2014. The trollpasta ones are kinda good if you're into that sort of thing. A few other pastas by me were also deleted but I can't seem to even find their names at this point, let alone the full text.

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