aka Andrew

  • I live in An elliptic manifold within an asymptotically Minkowski Euclidean manifold
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is number counter
  • I am a potato
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#[[The Cabin|The Cabin(The original one)]]
#[[The Cabin|The Cabin(The original one)]]
#[[Better in The Dark]]
#[[Death and The Silver Prison|Shameless Self Promotion]]
#[[Death and The Silver Prison|Shameless Self Promotion]]

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Lol, I'm here reading creepypasta because I'm bored... and I'm macabre, but still bored. I tend to be rather quiet, prefering to lurk in the shadows, editing wiki pages(dundundun) but I won't hesitate to talk your ear off once I find a subject. When I do find a subject to talk about, it tends to be physics related and I blather on about unneccesary details because I'm cool like that. Often my family thinks I'm a little unhinged for reading creepypasta... and they're a little right.

Favorite pages

  1. Exam
  2. The Cabin(The original one)
  3. Better in The Dark
  4. Shameless Self Promotion

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