aka Andrew

  • I live in An elliptic manifold within an asymptotically Minkowski Euclidean manifold
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is number counter
  • I am a potato

Lol, I'm here reading creepypasta because I'm bored... and I'm macabre, but still bored. I tend to be rather quiet, prefering to lurk in the shadows, editing wiki pages(dundundun) but I won't hesitate to talk your ear off once I find a subject. When I do find a subject to talk about, it tends to be physics related and I blather on about unneccesary details because I'm cool like that. Often my family thinks I'm a little unhinged for reading creepypasta... and they're a little right.

Favorite pages

  1. "Five years. Five years of endless variation, and they always reach for the gun."
  2. Exam
  3. The Cabin(The original one)
  4. Better in The Dark
  5. Shameless Self Promotion

thumb|right|300px|100% Brilliant.thumb|right|300px|Ditto.

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