Ameagle is a 16 year old loser who spends more time in his basement writing stories than doing normal teenage things such as  

-Hanging out with friends 

-Trying hard in school 

-Having a hobby that isn't the stress equivalent of Russian Roulette  

-Having a hobby that isn't the time consumpton equivalent of a hardcore drug addiction 

But ultimately, writing is his passion, and he hopes to make a career out of it one day. He enjoys criticism as much as positive feedback (perhaps more so), and likes to write in the third person about himself.  

My Pastas

  • Blackouts: About a strange theatre production and an even stranger entity that stars in it.
  • Parasitic: My entry in the 2015 Freestyle Pasta contest. It made me a finalist! About a man with a haunting itch.
  • Abiectio: My strange (and not all that creepy) entry to the 2015 Freestyle Pasta Contest Finals. About a sickly old cat that is treated as an outcast.
  • Your Body and You: About a strange sex ed. tape that holds a family's dark secret. August 2015 PoTM nominee.
  • Niki No. 41: A really long story about a depressed husband who falls in love with a beautiful prostitute named Niki. But is there more to this woman than meets the eye?


  • Meet the Cast: It's my first collab. All the other writers are probably older and more talented than I, but I wrote the "Harry" and "Howard" parts. The story is about a cursed die that can control a person's fate.
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