• I was born on September 10

It was for the best.

The Dongsquad aka Zy's best friends


User:Another Random Person




Zy's Quotewall

I am abortion - Grammatik/Thexos

Also, yes Zyr. I saw how you flipped when somebody said your avatar reminded him of Xoncro - WhyAmIReadingThis (DAMMIT NICK, IT'S XILENT!)

Zyainsley Vagoo the 69th Poper - BasitSnake

WhyAmIReadingLogs - Fatal Disease

Don't you have any fucks for me, Person??? - WhyAmIReadingThis

Oh I will come at your bra - Another Random Person/CarcinoGenticist

Everyone is calling her poper, now I'm dead - Grammatik/Thexos

Dnoea - Grammatik/Thexos(Chat meme brought on by a typo)

Ffs7 - CrashingCymbal (The cursed phrase)

I always give her the D........the Dubstep, that is - Pramirez351

Bend forwards you must, thrust backwards indeed - JamesDNaux/JackOfAllSuits

Ifn fuck - Grammatik/Thexos (See description of 'Dnoea')

Horn tits - Another Random Person/CarcinoGenticist


2bad - Another Random Person/CarcinoGenticist (Simon's catchphrase)

I just burped - CrashingCymbal (What Crashing felt the need to declare whilst high on chat)

...You gave me a candy cane in BGO - The Last Paladin (After me saying a  sexual joke involving a candy cane) 

The Vagoo is among us - Grammatik/Thexos

He's just trying to trick you into getting fucked in the ear by a banana - Carcino Genticist/ Another Random Person

I had diarrhoea for dinner, guys - Grammatik/Thexos

I lost a nipple today - Grammatik/Thexos

Master Yoga - Rickomarow 

Shut up Rick you annoying woman - LoneDragonCP (insult of the year right here)

How do sex, how do penis? - Grammatik/Thexos

Inb4 ban reason is dongs - Grammatik/Thexos

PREPARE FOR THE BAN CACTUS - CarcinoGenticist/King Of Cacti

"Oh shit that's my cousins whoops" What I said after drinking too much and having sex - Thexos/Grammatik

WhyAmIReaDONGThis - BasitSnake

God, it feels like it's dead - Fatal Disease (I don't think Fatal realised how this could be interpreted in another way....necrophillia, anyone?)

Agner's penis flopped up and down the battlefield, inspiring the troops - The Damn Batman/The Grim Avenger/Doctor52

They're gonna take us all to the camps to "teach us concentration"  - UrotsukI/EctoBiologist/Ednoah (THE MODS AND ADMINS ARE PLANNING THINGS, GET YO TIN FOIL HATS)

Why the fuck do I still feel sexually attracted towards you, there I said it - WhiteReaper (When Reaper put a screenshot directed to Gramm which was only for Gramm to click....I might of clicked before him having said that...)

Why does it VAG EYES IS IT a vegetable? - Lei Omaki (so innocent c:)

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