• I live in Orlando, Florida, USA
  • I am Male
I am Bardock1343.
Tourettes Guy Loud Rap Music-0

Tourettes Guy Loud Rap Music-0

This is what I do when I hear a song and forget where it's from.

Likes are on the top, Hates are on the bottom.

Mario The Simpsons Go!Animate Dragon Ball Z Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Disney related stuff, mostly Mickey Mouse Q*Bert (not very much, exception is him appearing in Wreck-it Ralph) Legend of Zelda (sort of) Pokemon (not very much) Tourettes Guy
Sonic (the newer games starting with Sonic Jump) Family Guy Memy9909, Warren, and their fans Having to organize my profile just to look better (it gets tiring) Gays and Transgenders (don't even THINK of banning me longer for explaining that , whoever is reading this) Digital Ink and Paint (face it, traditional animation is better)
If you want to ask me some
HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA with a layer added every 1 30 of a second

HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA with a layer added every 1 30 of a second

This is what happens when the world suddenly divides into 0.

thing, for god's sake, ask me on my Talk Page, or tell me when I am back on chat. It isn't hard..

I am a big fan of Bardock from Dragon Ball Z. That is why my username is Bardock1343.


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