Creepypasta Wiki

Hello, I'm Blud and my intention is to rate as many Creepypasta as I can. If one of the Creepypastas I have rated below is highlighted in red, it has been removed since I read it. However, my rating still stands. You may find it somewhere on the web if you really want to read it, the name will be identical.

Favorite Beings

  • Heron
  • Slenderman
  • BEN
  • Zombies
  • Zalgo
  • THEM (The Objects and their respective Holders)

Grade-A Pastas

Good Pastas

Acceptable Pastas

Horribly undercooked Pastas

  • Creeping Man (3.5/10)
  • The Mirror is Calling (2/10)
  • White Hand Sprite (4.5/10)
  • The Odd Goose (4/10)
  • The Real Us (4/10)
  • Boiled Sweets [I was unsure of how to act with this one, so I just put it here. It has no grade because I'm absolutely baffled at it.]
  • Which One Is The Big Dog (OneWhiteWhisker) [Same thing I did with Boiled Sweets. It has potential, but... I just didn't get the plot, if there was one.]

Not-so-horrible Troll Pastas

  • Being Followed (Troll/10)
  • Meat (Troll/10)
  • Dark Night (Troll/10)
  • A Breakfast Visit from Bob (Troll/10)
  • All-Knowing (Troll.5/10)
  • Change for a Dollar (Troll/10)
  • Don't Open the Closet (Troll.5/10)
  • WHO WAS PHONE? (Troll.5/Phone)
  • Coffin Attack (Troll.5/10)