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"Anger is the most useless emotion; destructive to the mind and hurtful of the heart."

~~Henchick, of the Manni (TDT VI, Stephen King)

So. You want to be all creeper and you came to my profile to do it. Gelido the Prinny is watching you... You creepy weirdo...



Okay. So. My name is Stormie. I'm 17, I live in Louisiana, on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. I used to rope and pen, and have been training one of my horses to rein, although I probably won't put it to any more use other than showing off, as I don't compete anymore. I write poetry more than I write prose, but I'll probably try my hand at a traditional pasta eventually.

"We can know without understanding but we can't understand without knowing."

My Favorite Pastas

This list is always growing. Have a good pasta for me to read? Suggest it over on my Talk Page!!! :33

My Pastas

My Favorite People

DO NOT. ADD YOURSELF. If I didn't add you, there's a reason. Don't take offense to it.

People That I Think of as Friends


I am a Grammar Nazi. I am not afraid to correct your grammar, and I will let it be common knowledge if I don't like you. Which isn't often. I like most people on this chat! :33 Don't act like an asshole, and I'm pretty much cool with you!

Issue With Me As A Mod?

Contact me. If I banned you, and you feel as though it was an unfair ban, leave a message on my talk page, informing me of why you disagree. Arguing with me will not get your ban shortened. Be polite, and I will be polite in return.


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