My Pastas

Haunted by My Shadow - Co-Written with Kill1mes Narrated here

Restrained - a puzzle pasta. The original point of it was to try my hand at making a story where the reader has to try and figure out something specific with the bare minimum information given.

Sore Throat - A story I posted on reddit. Inspired by listening to someone's coughing fit at work. Narrated Here

Patient Zero - A story originally written for a contest, I am working on an extended version of it that isn't as short.

Like The Cat - A story based on the song "The Cat Came Back." Not my best work and may expand on it in the future, as there is no twist but it would be more of a gore story then a horror story.

Pastas I have posted for others and have in no way written myself.


This is either because I do not remember who asked me to post it or the person cannot create an account due to various reasons.

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