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  • I was born on April 14
  • I am not you.

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Hi. My name is Joey, and I am one of the active administrators here. If you need help, feel free to ask me in my talk page or catch me on the wiki's chatroom.

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I'm a huge fan of Koromo Amae, metal music, and creepypastas. Talk to me about all three if you just wish to chat.

For the record: I am legally married to Koromo Amae, so that means she's MINE. <3

User trivia

  • I have been editing on wikia since August 29th, 2010.
  • My goal is to get at least 25 edits a day, which is challenging at times.
  • I'm also an admin at the Spongebob and Saki wikis, and a bureaucrat at the Unanything wiki.

A story I regret writing

Judge: *in court* Suspects, step up to the platform immediately.

Mikael Akerfeldt: *steps up to platform*

Albert Witchfinder: *steps up to platform*

Judge: *coughs* Our eyewitnesses apparently have solid information that the replay button on your music videos have been raped, with you both not doing anything to defend said replay button. This replay button abuse is recognized as a serious offense by the third amendment and will not be tolerated. Plead your case.

Mikael Akerfeldt: *Let's out a menacing scream which blows the Judge to the back wall* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYGH

Albert Witchfinder: *Bass solo with the force of a thousand suns*

Entire Courtroom: o_O

Judge: *wiping dust off himself* Alright, these men have got warfaces! Oblit, Cheese, sieze them!

  • Two lawyers with pale skin and vampire fangs emerge from the ceiling shooting spider webs*

Mikael Akerfeldt: *jumps up into air and rips down curtains, revealing sunlight and causing to the two lawyers to hiss and slink back into the darkness*


  • Silver metal tank bursts through courtroom, sending rubble and debris, with Mikael and Albert quickly hopping on*

Mikael Akerfeldt: CLERIC OF MADNESS! MATERIALIZE! *throws pokeball*

  • Cleric materializes in front of Judge and the entire courtroom, sending the world into darkness oblivion*

Another story I regret writing

"Tartar sauce is self-served, right? If you're not a kid, then do it yourself!"

"Hey! What do you mean about The Koromo being a kid?!"

"Just teasing."

Hajime, Touka, Hagiyoshi, Ayumu, Tomoki, Jun, and their family friend, Barry, were all absolutely dumbfounded and disgusted at the conversation they were hearing beyond the door. Had Koromo and her friend Kazuo been doing what they thought they were doing? You know...doing the nasty? Going all the way? Spitshining the ol' water pump?

"This can not be happening, desu-wa!" Touka exclaimed as she put her ear closer to the door.

"This is disgusting," said Hajime, completely awkward. Had they really been doing what they thought?

"Hey...careful on the meat! Watch it!"

"Sorry, sorry!"

"What about me?" Barry joked. He had long brown hair, was muscley, and wore a red vest. He was a friend of Hajime's from school. "I got the big one," he finished, laughing out loud before being stopped by being smacked in the face by Hajime.

Jun was laughing, too. "Well, looks like Koromo-chan finally discovered one of the greatest joys in life. Poor kid."

"SHUT UP, DESU!" shouted Touka. "This isn't funny! This is disgusting! Do you know how this can damage my reputation if it goes out to the public, desu-wa? I'LL BE RUINED! ME! OF ALL PEOPLE! AN EMPTY LAUGHING STOCK! Desu..."

"Calm down," said Tomoki, "I am sure there is a rational explanation for this."

"I think I just threw up in my mouth a little," choked Ayumu, holding her hand to her face.

"Well, when they come out," said Hagiyoshi, "they're going to have a whole lot of explaining to do."

The talking continued. "Mmmm...yeah...oh that tastes so good!" Koromo exclaimed from beyond the door as the others looked absolutely mortified.

"This is great, Koromo!" Kazuo said from beyond the door. "Awesome!"

"Sounds like they're having fun in there," mumbled a jealous Barry. Hajime noticed the jealous tone in his voice and glared at him, and his response was to chuckle awkwardly. "THAT'S IT!" shouted Touka. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

She burst the door open. "HA! Caught red-handed!" she screamed triumphantly. The triumphant tone dissolved into awkwardness when she realized Kazuo and Koromo were eating teriyaki steak and fish. They stared at her, wondering why she had burst through the door.

"What's wrong, Touka?" asked Koromo, continuing to chew on her steak.

"What -I thought- what?!" Touka said, mouth practically on the floor. Jun and Barry laughed out loud while the other girls' had shocked expressions.

"You mean you weren't..." Hajime asked, "what are you...what are you doing?"

"Eating..." responded Kazuo. "Why? What did you think we were doing?"

Touka smiled awkwardly. "Oh, nothing, heheh," she said, "nothing at all." She closed the door.

Koromo and Kazuo shrugged, continuing to eat.

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