I'm new to the whole wiki business. I suppose I'll try to write a story or ten.

I've listened to all the creepypastas on YouTube that were narrated by MCP, CmcP, and CPJ.

CreepyPastas I've made (from newest to oldest):

I Slit My Own Throat Once

My Grotesque Nightmare

Ciravu's Gift

A Buffering Movie

A Stupid Chain Letter

The Wake-Up Game

Road of Recurrence

As of 2/20/15 I've decided to stop contributing to this site. This is mainly due to the fact that I woke up one morning to discover 5/7 of my highly praised creepypastas were deleted overnight by a single admin for vague, nondescript reasons. I believe it was due to personal taste rather than actual lack of quality and have therefore decided to take my literature elsewhere. You can find all my stories on my Deviant Art page (ColorlessAngelz).

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