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  • I live in the UK
  • I was born on May 5
  • I am definitely not a skinwalker

Yep, that's me!

Hey, I'm Cornconic. Call me Guy. I'm an aspiring author looking for feedback on my writing. I would greatly appreciate it if you could check out one of my pastas and tell me what you think. If you would like to narrate a pasta of mine, please leave a message on my talk page.

Standalone Pastas

The Angelica Incident - A deep-space voyage aboard the SS Angelica goes horribly wrong when a harrowing distress signal is received from one of the ship's escape pods. (2000 words)

Eggs and Bacon - Don't you just love the smell of freshly-cooked breakfast in the morning? (600 words) (POTM Nominated)

The After-Party - The borders between the living and the dead might not be as strong as you think... (1000 words)

Vermin - A homeless man is preyed on by a kind stranger with promises of hospitality. (1100 words)

The Miracle of Life - A paramedic forms an ominous plan whilst responding to a call from a woman in labour. (1700 words) (NSFW)

The Almond Tree - At a closing bar, a grimy drunkard recounts a frightening tale to the weary bartender. (2000 words)

Wounded - A mountain hiker seeks help for his injured friend from a rural shack that is allegedly home to a powerful healer. (1500 words)

Spring Cleaning - A curious dad stumbles upon a terrible secret in the attic of his family's new home. (1600 words)

The Kelser Moor Collection (currently ongoing)

An anthology of pastas set in the rural countryside area of Kelser Moor, where madness rules and evil is afoot...

No Place for the Dead - After losing both his wife and son, a lonely fisherman is tormented by bodies washing up at the shore and something foul looming on the waters. (5700 words)

Way of the War - A widowed father faces a difficult dilemma in the midst of WW1. (2200 words)

Foot and Mouth - Two carefree teens wander into the property of a creepy local farmer. (800 words)

Other Stuff I've Written

Fate's End - A nervous boy awaits his fortune at the world's most popular Tarot Tent. (4000 words) (entry for RedNovaTyrant's "Cruel Fate" story contest)

Anniversary - Heavily injured, and with no memory of how he got there, a man finds himself stranded on a foggy road, with no help in sight. (2300 words)

A Lonely Machine - Two bored soldiers deployed together in a sandy warzone dwell on a local conspiracy about an errant AI. (1700 words)

Bad Behaviour - A little girl faces a particularly cruel punishment from her mother. (800 words)

Little Birdie - A remorseful hunter laments the death of his latest meal. (300 words) (poem)

The Poison Sky - A woman becomes increasingly concerned as she envisions a wave of inky blackness pouring over the world. (700 words)


Stories I've written and published to the site, but I aren't particularly proud of. I'd much rather recommend you read something of mine from one of the categories above.

The Wallet - A young man on a night-walk alone lands himself in a peculiar predicament. (700 words)

The Toy - Having arrived home from her daughter's birthday party, a parent finds a strange toy telephone stashed among her child's other presents. (500 words)

The Scariest Night of My Life - What's the worst thing you could ever find in your own home? (400 words)

Narrations of My Pastas - The Wallet - By NoTimeCreepy - Way of the War - By The Feeling Of Being Watched - No Place for the Dead - By Jagged Aingeal - A Lonely Machine - By NaturesTemper - The Miracle of Life - By Nightwell - Anniversary - By DustandDark - Eggs and Bacon - By Trashbinrat - Vermin - By DustandDark - Wounded - By Nightwell - Foot and Mouth By Trashbinrat - The Scariest Night of My Life - By Nightwell - The Scariest Night of My Life - By Trashbinrat - Little Birdie - By DameSaturday - The Almond Tree - By Tetsuya - The Poison Sky - By Trashbinrat - The After-Party - By Jagged Aingeal

Favourite Pastas

Agent Indigo

Annora Petrova


Burgrr Entries

Candle Cove


Computer Vision Syndrome


Heavy Rain

I'm a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I Have Some Stories to Tell


Satellite Images

Spending the Night

The Harbinger Experiment

The Name Eater

The Sandman

The Showers

The Song and Dance Man

The Thing that Stalks the Fields

The Well, the Wheel, and Wilhelm

They Mostly Come At Night

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