Cpl. Peas

  • I live in Westeros
  • My occupation is U.S Chinook pilot
  • I am a Stark
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Read ftp-1-

Good job solider

Whoever don't like changes, shouldn't like life...because life is a change. ~Cpl. Peas

I love Creepypasta. That why I came to this wiki. It's been about a year since when I first joined. Since then, I work hard to deliver quality content for all visitors and users. I expect everybody to do their part. Please update aricle listing every time you cook a pasta like i do. I am strict and don't like it when people talk bad about me or lolskeletons. And no profanity, please. I wouldn't want to have to contact clericofmadness. If you need to contact me about a problem my email is:


Thank you for your support!

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Make sure you read The Rules before cooking a pasta. You may get it deleted

Because it might not be readily clear, I am a Main User on this site. Any issues with this site should be directed towards ClericofMadness's profile.

Poorly written, Clich`e-filled articles will be passed around and laughed at heartily.

Don't forget to read the rules! And yes, all of them. Yes, the blog posts too.


Remember this: IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE. Interested in becoming an admin, chat mod, or member of the rollback brigade? Then go see this page for details.  Peace.

File:C-H CHINOOK.jpg

My helicopter is my favorite object in the world of flying. I like to keep it clean. Isn't it a beuaty?

FOLLOW THE RULES. If you tell some one to die or kill themselves you will be banished from this wiki. FOREVER.


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