aka Da Dancing Mudkipper

  • I live in In a small house, in a small town, in a small county, in a small state.
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Part-Time writer and NaNoWriMoer, full time student
  • I am writing

Hey! I'm CrazyWords! How do you do? I'm doing fine, if you must know. Anyway, let the fun begin!


(Please Note: This Is For Starpolar Too)

Mudkipper Parodies;

Mudkipper Parodies: Stupid Admin

Mudkipper Reviews;

Review: Carrie, by Stephen King (Writing)

Review: Pokèmon; Alpha Sapphire (Writing)

Mudkipper Pastas;


Bon Bon

You're Paranoid

The Blue-Faced Baby

Mudkipper Comedy

Mudkipper Novellas

My Days at Disney (On Chapter One, WIP)

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